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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Eberron
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Estimated Members Requested: 6

Looking for 4-6 players for a new campaign I'm thinking of running. Right now I'm just gauging interest. If it seems like people like the idea, then the game will commence The application thread is located here. http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=157077

Game Description:

Hello Everyone!

First, my background. I have been DMing DnD 3.5 for about 7 years now. However, my campaigns seem to always fall apart. People move, lose interest, die, and so forth. I'm full of epic, sweeping story lines that never come to fruition. It's quite depressing. As such, Myth Weavers seems to be the last bastion of hope for a desperate DM. :D Im just going to pitch my favorite plot idea to the world. If there is enough interest in it, then I will fully flesh out the campaign, knuckle down, and have some fun. ;)

The Game:
This game will take place in Eberron, with a few key departures from the official campaign setting. There has never been psionics in Eberron. It just never existed. Same goes for kalashtar. With that in mind...

In the year 1004YK, a band of adventures delved deep into The Mournland. While they were never seen again, the effects of what are assumed to be their actions had wide reaching consequences. A massive pressure wave burst forth from the region. It was felt all across the continent, knocking down the elderly, blowing off hats, and generally causing a ruckus. Soon reports came flooding in. The mysterious fog covering The Mournland was gone. The entire region of Cyre was up for grabs, and many greedy nations were looking to grab a piece for themselves. Over the Lord of Blades (dead? no longer animated?) body.

10 years later, 1014YK. The Lord of Blades held his own. Still reeling from the last war, the largest nations of Khorvaire were in no hurry to get in huge fight. Acting quickly, the intrepid warforge secured a mutual defense pact with Karnnath, though no one is sure how. This further deterred the largest nations from stepping in and claiming land for themselves. As such an independent nation of warforged was almost universally, if not graciously, recognized. The first rumors of young children with strange powers, neither arcane nor divine surface, and is met with suspicion.

10 years later, 1024YK. (start of campaign) With the never ceasing productivity one would expect from warforged, The Blade Empire, is growing by leaps and bounds. Rumors of factories churning out troops by the thousands, with no need for upkeep, have instilled fear in the hearts of the leaders of Khorvaire. An uneasy peace has been mantained, though no one is sure how long it will last. The new power, labeled "psionics", is quickly demonized by the merchant Houses of Khorvaire. Powers and abilities usually gained through dragonmarks, or years of study, are appearing in young adults and children all over the continent. This threat to the dominance of the Houses could not go unanswered, and so the witch hunts begun. Forced into slavery as indentured servants, or outright killed in the less civilized areas, Psionics wielders, or those suspected of psionics, are persecuted, hunted, and at the very least, looked upon with mistrust and hate, thanks to a very effective propaganda campaign waged by the houses.

The campaign will start in the village of Woodwatch, just north of Woodhelm, Breland. Mainly exporting lumber from the lush surrounding forest, and ore from a nearby iron mine, the relatively high standard of living for such a small village is tempered by the constant threat of goblin or bandit incursion. An agreement struck with a nearby druid helps the village stay in a kindof stasis. They may only harvest a certain amount of goods each year. In exchange, the druidic circle offers protection, and good crops. Its a good life, particularly for peasants and common laborers.

If interested, I would like an application and a character sheet. Level 1, 32 point buy. As for source books? Feel free to make any character you want. Be warned however, that anything I deem "too weird" will not be allowed. Whats too weird? A dragonborn warforged is a good example. As for psionics. Psionics will play an important role in this campaign. I would like at least one psionic character in the party. That said, I dont want an all psionics party. So make what you would like to play.

Story is the most important aspect. Your character must be staying in Woodwatch for a prolonged period of time, but he does not need to be from the area. That said, here are some questions I would like answered? Why is your character in Woodwatch? Does he live there? Was he born there? Does he have family? Where are they? Is he on good relations with the townspeople? (They are generally hardworking honest focus, slow to give respect, but quick to defend those they do.) What does your character want to do with his/her/its life? Just settle down and have a family?

The characters with the best story, the most well thought out motivations, the characters that I will most enjoy weaving into my epic plot, will be the characters who get in. Everything make sense?

This is my first time starting a game. Im looking for 4-6 players. I have probably forgotten something. Please feel free to PM me.

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I am just going to say this, you had me at Eberron! This is one of my favorite settings, and I'm perfectly ok with there being newly found psionics, but I've never actually like them anyway. So I will put together a good old character, and hopefully I can get into it, because I REALLY LOVE EBERRON!!!

What about Dragonmarks? Are they ok? I have an idea about a runaway from a major house or maybe an aberrant mark. On that thought, are we using only the powers for aberrant marks listed or could I chose a spell that is of equal level to the spells acceptable. . .

Sounds like a great game idea - I'm a big fan of the Eberron setting.
I'm experienced with D&D 3.5, but I'm brand new to pbp; would this be OK?

I've got a couple of character concepts:
1) a sneaky changling factotum, an investigator who lives by his wits and seeks out secrets.
2) a meditative warforged psion, who has left the life that he was created for to stike out on his own, seeking to uncover the mysteries of his psionic powers.

Would either of those concepts be a good fit for your story?

I am always a fan of eberron, so I will gladly express interest. I've been a player in D&D for many years, and on the weave for a while as well.

Welcome, and I am also keenly interested.

I have this idea in my head for a Shifter Barbarian/Paladin of Freedom...

Do you allow flaws/traits?

Posting interest as well.

I'm thinking of a Changeling Wizard/Factotum.

I do have one question; what's the plot behind the game, as far as the PCs are concerned? Is there an overarcing storyline that drives the PCs to whatever ends or is it pure sandbox where the PCs just up and do whatever strikes them as a good idea?

..I am so happy I saw this. Please tell me halflings still ride dinosaurs.

@Kesol - There will be an over arcing plot, but it will take the form of a story taking place in the world. It will be up to the PC's to get involved when they have the chance, which of course will be given.

A little more background: The atmosphere is much like you would find in the X-Men movies. Some Psionicists are struggling to be accepted in the community, and create a house of their own. Not to destroy the others, but to compete on an equal footing. The appearance of some Psionic Dragonmarks have convinced many that this is the case. Meanwhile however, the mistreatment of those with psionic ability have created some very angry people waging a war of essentially terrorism in an effort to be taken seriously. Then there is the third group, who dont lets psionics define who they are. They just want to live their life.

Meanwhile, it appears war may break out any day between the Empire of Blades and the nations of Khorvaire. Both sides are unsure where psionics will fit in the coming conflict.

This leaves the PC's in a position to really change the course of the world. Will they become terrorists? Or misunderstood heros? Assist the nations that persecute them in order to gain acceptance? Or run to the Empire of Blades, to be used as tools, respected for their abilities, but ultimately just tools?

These are the kind of grand questions I want my PC's to eventually be making.

@Jardyne - Dragonmarks are fine. In particular, if you arent completely against it, please consider taking a new "psionic" dragonmark. I havent decided how these will work yet, so let me know if you are interested.

@Doomfractal - Im new to PbP as well, so we will see how it goes. The warforged psion would be an excellent fit for the campaign, definately a character concept that would benefit the storyline. Please send a full story and background. Particularly why your warforged hasnt joined the Blade Empire, like so many of his kind.

@Jreece Regarding Flaws. Flaws can be incredibly cheap. As such, flaws are only allowed if they will affect your character in a significant way. A barbarian who is never going to throw anything EVER, cannot take the -4 penalty on ranged attack rolls for example. Make sense? Traits are fine. Also, I'm not a big fan of paladins of freedom... mostly cause I have never actually seen one, so I may be biased. Where can I find information on them?

@Devo OF COURSE. Halflings without dinosaurs are just wrong.

Also a couple noob questions I would like answered.

If you want to apply, how does that work? Where do I see your applications? Do I need to make a thread in the game itself? If you make a character sheet, how do I see those? Thanks for your patience with the noob to PbP


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