The Knights of Lodis-Adventures in Ostorea

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The Knights of Lodis-Adventures in Ostorea

The Knights of Lodis - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Jan 30 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Hello everyone, I'm a new MythWeavers user but an RP and PbP veteran of differing places. Recently I've found myself with the time and inclination to re-run a campaign which I conducted in real life for a group of friends but with a new set of adventurers. Here is the basic information for the game, and thanks for your time.

This is a high-posting rate game; ideally you should be able to post once a day and story updates will occur at a minimum every two days. Inactivity kills games more assuredly than anything else if you do not sincerely believe you can devote time to this story please do not apply.

If you have played the GBA game "Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis" upon which this game is loosely based you must be exceedingly proficient at keeping IC and OOC knowledge separate.

This game will involve a high degree of role-playing and, with the exception of the first portion, the plot will be largely player-driven with a strong narrative story line which provides the backbone. Also present will be tactical combat with MapTools created layouts and some light investigation and intrigue elements.

The game will begin at Level 4 and progress through the levels at a decent pace, likely reaching the high teens by the time the storyline has concluded. Experience rewards are given for posting consistency, challenges overcome (be they social, stealth, combat, or other) and exceptional writing.

I will be accepting exactly 6 players. One will be from each of the standard archetypes of Front Line Fighter, Sneak/Skillful, "Arcane" Caster, and "Divine" Caster. The other two may be repeats from these categories or miscellaneous other applications as I find them acceptable.

Please submit applications in the appropriately named thread in the posted format. Questions may be asked and answered in the thread "Character Creation and Related Questions" which also includes pertinent mechanical information.

In short, imagine the Holy Roman Empire at the height of its power but set in a fantasy world. For [insert your reason] you are operating at their behest to investigate a potentially rebellious province. Not all is as it appears, however, and neither luck nor time is on your side...

Game Description:

The greatest mortal nation which has ever graced the planet, the Holy Lodis Empire spans the known world in some form or another. It is a combined autocracy and theocracy, with the Emperor and the Church perpetually struggling for power over the dozens of component states and provinces, though this competition is largely out of view of the public eye. The Lodis Empire was forged through blood and conquest but also through diplomacy and guile. As such, many of the component nations have some degree of autonomy.

One such province is the Island of Ostorea. Conquered not even a century previously, the frigid Northern isle is nominally a part of the Empire, though it contributes little in terms of trade or wealth. The leader of the island is the installed governor Naris. The island was historically divided into northern and southern regions, each claiming dominion over the island and many bitter wars were waged on the poor soil. However, with the coming of Lodis, the south decided to fight while the North pledged fealty. It is such that Naris, one of the ruling line of the North, has retained some measure of power over the island.

However, the Empire has heard whispers of discontent from Ostorea and perhaps even talk of rebellion or secession. Such cannot be allowed, as the Lodis Empire draws strength in solidarity and any one component country which rebels could incite a massive chain reaction in other areas. Although these rumors are as of yet unfounded, a small expeditionary force has been dispatched to investigate these claims.

You are part of this expeditionary force. Whether you are a member of the Lodis military, paramilitary, or a mercenary, you will travel by ship to the island to investigate and determine the threat to the Empire's stability.

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Ooooo.... I have no idea what this setting, nor the game is about! Let's five in and hope I don't make a fool of myself!

The setting is mostly home-brewed but is based on the game Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. If there are any other questions I can help clarify, please don't hesitate to ask.

Extremely excited. Never played the gba title but I'm a fan of the series. I'm also a big fan of highly active games.

I am also interested, most likely go down the basic route of a front line fighter. Perhaps focusing more on soaking up damage as opposed to dealing it out...

Along with a bit of a twisted back ground and views on the powers he obeys, hopefully it will be clear when the application is submitted!

I also call in. I'll be a skill-based rogue type character. where is the character creation thread? i'm new on this site and have no idea how to navigate.

At the top of every page in this thread there should be a synopsis of the game. In that post, directly under my avatar picture, are a collection of links. Click on the "Forum" link next to "The Knights of Lodis" and it will take you to the game forum. From there it should be simple to navigate to the character generation threads via the links on the left of the screen.

I will also add a link in my signature.

many years since i played tactics ogre and i must say i dont remember much of it, but a campaign where neither luck nor time is on the players side is always interesting.

The Knights of Lodis feature prominently in the N64 game "Ogre Battle"... is this the same universe? Either way I am very interested in applying!


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