Gestalt E10 Military Gameplay

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Gestalt E10 Military Gameplay

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 8

Looking for 6-8 Players, please see game description.

Game Description:

This game will be recruiting for two four-player parties to play in two separate sections of the same game.

Players should apply with militaristic characters in mind.

Oriental Adventures is Banned

General Rule Set
- Gestalt Rules are in effect
- Psionics, Incarnum, ect. Are ALLOWED.
- No Multi-classing, One Prestige Class limit
- Armour as Damage Reduction Rule is in effect
- All Arcane Failure of Armour is reduced by 5%
- Book of Vile Darkness: Banned

Character Creation
- Starting Level 7th, wealth as dictated (See Items and Equipment)
- Alignment Restriction: Any non-evil.
- Hit-Points: Maximum At First Level, Half+CON thereafter.
- Ability Scores are generated using 32 point buy, no buying below 8.
- At 4th and 8th levels, characters add +1 to any two ability scores, one physical stat (Str, Dex, Con) and one mental Stat (Int, Wis, Cha)
- All characters gain a bonus feat (For which they qualify) at 2nd Level
- All characters reach a level cap at 10th; thereafter they gain a bonus feat (for which they qualify) every 5000 EXP.
- The following feats are no longer epic, and instead have the requirement “Character Level 10th”, have their skill requirements waived, and may have additional reductions in qualification (Ask DM) – Combat Archery, Damage Reduction (May only be taken once), Dire Charge, Epic Prowess, Fast Healing(May only be taken once), Great (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha), Great Smiting, Improved Sneak Attack, Sneak Attack of Opportunity, Spell Knowledge, Superior Initiative.
- Book of Vile Darkness: Banned

- All PHB, DMG, MM, Completes, Race of, MIC, SC, and most other officially published books. No Stormwreck, Sandstorm, Frostburn, or Cityspace. No Ebberon specific stuff (No Warforged)
- NO to homebrew, Dragon Magazine, Online publications (Even one’s by Wizards) or anything else that isn’t in a BOOK.
- Book of Vile Darkness: Banned

Class Changes
- Sorcerers are forced to take a Major Bloodline
- Wizards Must Specialize in a school of magic
- Barbarians, Druids, Monks, Ninja and Warlocks do not exist as PC classes.
- Adept of The Green Star, Shadow Sun Ninja, and Theuge-Like classes to not exist as PC PrC classes
- Divine Spell-lists are chosen at random and/or by the DM. Clerics may “request” one spell for each level of spell they can cast, but otherwise they leave their spell choice in the hands of the divine.
- Book of Vile Darkness: Banned

Items and Equipment
- 20,000 GP starting wealth, no more then 8,500 GP on any one item
- Magic weapons may not be purchased with a TOTAL bonus greater then +2, as such weapons are exceedingly rare.
- Consumable costs are doubled, and can be sold for half of this new cost
- Book of Vile Darkness: Banned

Posting status reads: Green for Go
Sounds right up my alley, but I'm sure you know that considering that you applied to my game. I'll get to work on a character application right away.

Gestalt, E10, level 7 start, count me in. I can have a character built in an hour and a background by morning.

It's basically E6, except that the level cap is 10 intsead of 6.

Interested, Rogue/Incarnate or Factotum/Incarnate are the builds I'm looking at now. Definitely a graduate of the academy and probably a human or a Riklan.

Are races/template with LA allowed? If so, how is it handled?

E6/E10 are variants where you stop leveling at either 6th or 10th level with respect to Base Attack Bonus, Hit Dice, Saves, Special Abilities, etc. Instead your "leveling" comes from gaining additional feats and equipment as you progress through the game.


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