Sins of the Past await you, are you Ambitious enough to to meet them?

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Sins of the Past await you, are you Ambitious enough to to meet them?

Whispers on the Storm - Forum
Rogue Trader
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This will be a Rogue Trader game using the Published adventure: Whispers on the Storm. If you have read this, I simply ask that you not reread it and not meta game. I will take up to six players. I will repeat creation Guidelines below.

Books Allowed: Rouge Trader core, Into the storm and Battlefleet Koronus. You may also take gear and only gear from the Dark Heresy core book.

Creation Method: Roll, 2d10+25 arrange to taste as stated on Page .14 of the Rogue Trader core book.
Origin path: The Career Row is open, not tied to any choice.
Rank: Rank 1 careers may use substitution career leaves if you have the correct requirements.
Xeno pc: Will be allowed IF, it does not mess with the group dynamic. If they do not fit, then they do not fit.

Ship points and Profit Factor: You have two options here, you may roll or you may use the Warrant creation from into the storm as a group.

Ship creation: This is up to the group, the ship is as much a character as the pc's in Rogue Trader. As such you should not simply be assigned one I feel.

You may place your application Here
I also have a few post rules , which can be found here

Game Description:

Ambition knows no bounds, but sometimes it does leave ruin and long buried secrets in its wake. Rogue Trader dynasties are millennia old, with past glories and failures long forgotten to the sea of time and the weight of age. Some secrets are best left forgotten and some bring mounds of Thrones and the predatory grin that only comes from, exploitation , trade and expanding the all mighty Profit Factor.

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I will bounce over and see what you have in the offering class wise, don't want to step on toes I could come up with something for any of the 3 "open" Careers, but am leaning more towards Void-Master

also you say career line is open, so we can use the Origin Path as per its lay out then just pick a Career?

I know you get something for duplicate skill training, but is there anything in the book about duplicate talent training with origin paths and careers?

You gain a +10 on the skill. Into the storm has a rule where you gain trade the duplicate skill for an extra 50xp in place of the +10

No, but I mean, duplicate talent training? IE: I get weapon training in a path then weapon training in a career, do you get anything for it?

Working on my stuff still. Mostly done just filling in the blanks.

Also, know I'm heading for Gland Warrior. Because, hell yes, Gland Ogryn!


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