Djinnborn! Epic Skyship Adventures!

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Djinnborn! Epic Skyship Adventures!

Djinnborn - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Welcome to the Djinnborn setting! This is a homebrew, non-standard fantasy setting with tones of steampunk/magitech, swashbuckling adventure, and, most importantly, skyships!

I realize Djinnborn is a brand new setting and I understand there are a lot of holes in the information. I encourage everyone to do the best they can. I've distilled each of the five races and cultures into brief profiles. Each profile covers that race's appearance, government, and some cultural tidbits. The profiles also cover some of each nation's trade and relationships with other countries, and a little about the cultural psychology.

Each racial profile has a "Playing a..." section to help you get into the head of these people. These sections provide examples of the archetypal member of that race. Your character does not have to exhibit all of the traits described here, but you should keep this information in mind when determining your character's personality. Culture helps define the individual, so I'd like to see your character exhibit some traits common to his or her race. These sections should inform your character creation process, not dictate it.

The profiles also have a "Character Ideas" section at the end. This is a short list of racially-appropriate characters that fit the theme of this game. This is not meant to be a complete list, but I wrote it there to help you get ideas that fit within the setting and within this particular game.

Finally, each racial profile has some sample characters listed. These characters are posted to provide visual and narrative examples of each race. The specific examples provided are not all acceptable for a skyship campaign, but should give you a little insight into the look and feel of each race.

Take a look at the profiles in the Setting Info forum. This will suffice until I finally get the DjinnWiki up and running!

About Me: I'm brand-new to GMing MnM games. I've GMed tabletop D&D before and I've tried my hand at PbP but it's been a long time. This is my first attempt to get back into it all and share Djinnborn with everyone! I hope you all can bear with me as I stumble through this and make a general mess of things

Setting Tone: Swashbuckling adventure, skyships, magitech/steampunk. Since this game uses MnM and since it's intended to have a pulpy, larger-than-life action feel, there will be some superhero genre elements included.


Think this is the game for you? Here's how to apply!

Please post your apps in the Applications Forum!

Once you have posted your application, I'll work with you to do any tweaks needed to give your character that proper Djinnborn feel.

As you can see, there is one character, Raavik, who is pre-approved. I've been working with him and his player on getting this game organized and put together, so he's an automatic in.

At present, character sheets are NOT required. This is due in part to the fact that I will still be working on some mechanics ideas during the application process. There will be time after the application process for everyone to make their sheets, so we'll look at it more in-depth then.

For those that want to pre-plan character sheets a little bit, here are some notes:

The Mess Hall

After your application is tweaked to my satisfaction, I will clear you to start posting in the Mess Hall. The Mess Hall is a pre-game IC posting section that gives you the chance to exercise your creative drives, and gives me a chance to see your character in action. You'll be given an open environment to RP with other potential characters, and with assorted NPCs.

The Mess Hall is NOT an indicator that your character will be in the game. Participation in the Mess Hall can help your chances, and is highly encouraged, but please don't mistake Mess Hall clearance for acceptance to the game.

Once all characters have been accepted and finalized, the Mess Hall will be closed.

Important Stuff!

Please make sure you read all the following boxes! It will help you know what I'm looking for and should improve your chances of getting in!

Things to Note
  • There is one pre-approved character who will be playing a sorcerer. However, sorcerers are very rare (less than 1% of the world's population) and have a special situation in the Djinnborn world. In order to maintain the unique feel of Djinnborn magic-users, I will only accept ONE (1) other sorcerer character, period, and only if that application just blows me away. If you want to use magic-like abilities, I strongly encourage you to apply with an magineer or alchemist character.
  • I'd like to see a fairly well-balanced group. While there is no explicit niche protection, I am going to try and select a variety of archetypal roles (some fighters, some engineers, some rogues, etc.). If you see a lot of apps for Magineer characters, you might improve your chances by applying as a warrior type, for example.
  • The above being said, quality of the apps will still be considered. If I receive five really high-quality Magineer apps that far outstrip anything else in the thread, then I may unbalance the party a little bit.
  • Even if your character is not a primary combat character, I recommend you meet all your combat caps and have at least one or two attack abilities. Combat will happen in this game and I'd like to see everyone able to participate and hold their own.

What I am Looking For (a.k.a., things you must have)
  • Characters should be willing to work with others. I am not expecting a happy hippie commune, and I'm not expecting all the characters to like each other all the time. However, I prefer it when my characters and players can work together instead of against each other.
  • An explanation of how your character came to be part of the crew. You can be a brand-new member or you could have been around for a while. It can be something simple as "the captain was hiring and I took the job." I just want to know how you landed a spot on the crew.
  • Characters and players with a sense of humor that enjoy some epic swashbuckling adventure on the high skies!

What I am NOT Looking For (a.k.a., this will get you denied)
  • Characters and players that have a hard time working as a group. Like I said, I don't expect everyone to get along and be happy and sunny all the time always. I do want to know that when push comes to shove, the characters can count on each other. You're all shipmates, after all.


I love questions! If you have a question, please ask here in the thread (not via PM). Chances are, someone else has a similar question. Djinnborn is a unique setting that nobody but me really knows thoroughly (and even I don't know all of it yet!). I'll do my best to answer questions about the game, the setting, and anything else you'd like an answer to Plus I've never made a game ad here before so I probably forgot something very important! I'll keep this space updated with answers that should help everyone out.

Q: What are skyships like in this setting?

Game Description:

Welcome to the Golden Wing, one of the best-known freelancer ships in all the world! Based out of Ropoldi, the Golden Wing has been flying for ten years, and has built a reputation as a reliable and capable mercenary ship. Now, the Wing's been hired for one of its biggest jobs yet -- a mission from one of the Ropoldi Council of Nine.

Captain Stistys is a Krekonian who still hasn't outgrown his wanderlust age. He's nearing 40 but he's still as hale and hearty as any Krekonian ten years younger. He's been captain of the Wing for ten years now. Stistys is a laid-back, easygoing Krekonian who bought the ship specifically to travel the world. He doesn't like to stay in one port for long, and is constantly on the lookout for new jobs that require the Wing to fly off. He's very likable, but it sometimes seems like he has ADHD because he always wants to be moving.

First Mate Darrok is a Ropoldi who's been traveling with Stistys for longer than any current crewman knows. He's a good balance to Stistys. Where Stistys is energized and on the move, Darrok is grounded and tries to yank Stistys back down to earth when the Captain starts flying too far away. He loves the constant travel, the chance to see new things, but he is more tempered than his captain. Stistys still does what he wants most of the time, but Darrok makes a solid voice of reason.

Stistys and Darrok are calling on you, the members of their crew, to come on this big mission!

The Sparrow, an upcoming superhero comic

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Application is in the works. One very laid back Aremite helmsman. I'll try to get it done in the next couple of days, schedule permitting.

Would you be willing to take on some one with only a passing knowledge of MnM?

Then I will have to start bouncing ideas around in my head and see what happens...

Showing some interesting, perhaps Krekonia fighter of some sort, I'm tempted to have him actually have a cripple wing. Not sure entirely how I'll run or write it, but working on it.

Originally Posted by Nasdaq View Post
Showing some interesting, perhaps Krekonia fighter of some sort, I'm tempted to have him actually have a cripple wing. Not sure entirely how I'll run or write it, but working on it.
This could work Mechanically he just won't be able to use any of the movement tricks Krekonians would have access too, like Leaping or Slow Fall.

I would like to play if you'll have me, I try my best to work well with others.

I don't really have any information on the setting though, where's the best place to get more? I have explored the link in your signature, but I don't know where specifically to find information in your blog.


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