the lost tower, found again.

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the lost tower, found again.

The Lost Tower - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (Original) + clones
Estimated Members Requested: 7

things you should know:
lvl: 2
dice: 4d6 minus lowest
players: 7

Game Description:

Many years ago there was a great mage called Hadaine. He owned the most beautiful, intricate towers in all of the land, and every month Hadaine would invite young apprentices over to study his extensive library for two weeks. This was all fine until Hadaine, who was growing in power, cancelled this arangement. This confused many. One day a large explosion was heard and no one saw the tower again.
The lost tower of Hadaine has been found, after many years. It is now a ruin that looks older than it is.
Many believe that Hadaine had caused the explosion and had survived because of some dark magic.
You must enter and destroy whatever evil lurks within. Are YOU brave enough?

this game is being run using:
1e 3v game books (red box edition/ Mentzer)

getting back into the swing of things after a LONG break from MW
Yeah. Ive heard worse from teachers, so it doesnt bother me.

Anyhoo, i didnt have time today to finish the intro for this ad, so maybe tomorrow

Fine with me. Honestly have 3 tests this week, (One a day starting tomorrow through the end of the week) and another on Monday so slow and steady right now

I did take a glance at the basic rules in LL, seems simple enough. To the one (or two) people currently thinking on their characters, anything concrete yet? My first inclination is to play a Cleric, just because I enjoy healing and it could be fun. I am, however, really up to play any of the roles. Or I could just let the dice gods decide my fate, haha.

no one has posted in dice rolls, so go ahead and chose your favourite class/race. (theres a / because in OD&D, class is the same as race)

I rolled the dice but where do I post an application? And, to make sure, is Labyrinth Lord a clone of the red edition?

Apparently it is. But the money and equipment are different. Ill post the equipment list soon.
Post your application... Um ill start a thread for that.

Alright, I'll do everything but equipment.

Are dice rolls allowed to be allocated in whichever stat you wish or are they as rolled?

What ever stat you wish, otherwise this would happen
Say you get
And you were playing a fighter, he'd be weak as.

I was always under the impression you rolled and whatever you got stat wise dictated your character, but good to know


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