I want to be King!

Skapti and Magnolia kill the beast so bad that it's soul oinks in anger before dying as well.

Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia looks at Skapti and says, "I think that thing just 'oinked' from beyond the grave. It's a porktergeist." He pauses, clearly glad with his weak pun. "Let's cut this thing up and drag the bits we can back to Oleg's. There was a reward for proof of death, and there'll probably a reward for bacon and pork chops as well."

Skapti's triumphant and bloody pre-feast is brought up short. "Porktergeist?! Is not good. Skapti must put spirit of boar to rest before anything." Skapti proceeds to kick and threaten the corpse until it quiets.Unable to find any characters in game 9974


The strange oinking sounds from beyond cease and all is quiet - except for Dog's munching sounds.

Filling your sacks with bloodied meat and securing the large head to Dog's back you set on your way back to Olegs. It takes several hours to get there but the trip back is uneventful. You arrive at the gates,some of the guards nod at your arrival, but you notice that several of you fellow charter members are gone, their stuff is missing, asking around you don't get a straight answer, they seem to just up and left, not even a farewell note was left for you. A guard says to you that they even seemed like they were waiting for you two to leave so they could part quietly.

Skapti looks hurt at the sudden abandonment... but only until he realizes that he has an entire sack of bacon and he now has to only share it with one other person... and a dog... and maybe a donkey. Skapti stares at the donkey, trying to spot if it has canines or not. He's heard a lot of stories about killer donkeys, but he isn't too sure. Unable to find any characters in game 9974

Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia doesn't seem to mind being abandoned, though he does take a long look at the beer table, a promise of alcoholic memory adjustment to come.

"Oleg, my good fellow, we have here a boar's head. The infamous one who has been terrorizing the countryside, you know." He covers his mouth from Skapti's view and mouths the words, "A Wizard and," he continues in a normal voice, "Good Skapti killed it off."

Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia goes over the board and reads the notice on the boar (just in case Skapti can't read). "Hey, now, this is a good deal. For killing that boar we get a bow, a few nice arrows, and a wheel of cheese. Cheese and bacon sounds fantastic right now, doesn't it? Just need some crackers."

He fishes around in his pouch for a minute before pulling out some trail bread. "Close enough to crackers for me. Let's eat!"

Skapti is happy enough about the cheese, but isn't quite too sure about these cracker things. "Sound like 'soup' to Skapti. Mans should only eat flesh of animal he kill... and the cheese. Plus strong drink. Eat lots of that."

He grumbles about the other rewards, "Skapti can't eat bow. Not good for hitting. What use?"Unable to find any characters in game 9974

Magnolia the Scientist

"Well, a bow would let you hit things far away, which I find far more preferable, though I suppose you enjoy more of the hit-in-the-face sort of combat. Bows are quite popular in contests of skill in order to get a kiss from a lady, in the stories at least. Hobbin Rood once toppled a king with a bow by splitting an arrow with an arrow, which I imagine being quite difficult."

"And I think you quite under-evaluate the sheer joy one can obtain from a proper serving of cheese and crackers."

"Oh hello!" Oleg says "It's you two... so... you stayed behind? that's good. to uhm know" Oleg doesn't look very excited but he tries to hide it.

"You're friends left, they told me they had to leave as soon as you two were out of the gate, now I know why" he frowns "Well that's some mighty pig you've got there is that Tuskgutter? Bekkel will be ecstatic"

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