I want to be King!

"Skapti take cheese. Just no womans food... how you hit things from distance? Sound like Magic. Don't know what Magic have to do with kissing or womans. Skapti just takes those."

Skapti scowls at their ungrateful host. Why, he'd drunk a lot of his beer for him. "Maybe we not let Bekkel know. Escaticts sound unhealthy."
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Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia hadn't heard Oleg very well, either, and added, "Escaticts is treatable with a good leeching and avoiding bathing for a few weeks."

"So our friends left, eh? Guess they were not much of our friends. Pity, I rather liked that one guy, and the girl was sort of nice. Kind of like friends in school, they all leave when things go a bit rough." Magnolia does seem a bit sad, and the best cure for sadness is drinking until Oleg kicks them out again.

In fact, he says to Skapti, "Let's drink until we can drink no more, and eat bacon until our aromas smell of happiness, or until Oleg kicks us out again."

Skapti ponders this, but not for very long. "OK! Skapti plan do that already... better with friend! True friend, not fair weather... Horny Man is bad weather. Only thing Skapti can trust is bad weather."

Dog, aware that the drinking and feasting is about to begin, begins to howl for his ale. Skapti jumps onto the bench and pounds on the table. "Bring the booze! Dog is thirsty! And Horny Man and Skapti!"

Unable to find any characters in game 9974

As if summoned Bekkel limps through the front gate, "Is that it! yees it's Tuskgutter's head! haha! take that you beast!" he joyfully kicks the animal "this is wonderful! who killed the best?" he asks looking around, finding no one to thank, he looks past you and asks Oleg "Oleg do you know who finally killed this beast I have a lot of thanking to do!"

Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia dryly replies, "Um, the two of us standing here carrying a huge amount of bacon and pork chops. We killed him." He frowns for a second before saying, to no one in particular, "I kinda feel insulted by that." He purses his lips and looks back at Bekkel.

"What the!? you two...?" he doesn't seem convinced yet "I mean... did you find him dead or something? this was one though pig, I mean, seriously?" he asks.

Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia's hackles get up as he replies, "Sir, I am a wizzzzeScientist! This pig was easily felled by applying the rules of the cosmic universe. To wit, a swift application of a halflings greatsword levered against a follow through from a sharp, pointy, stick."

He really wants to say something meaner, but he's going to see if the man believes him now.

"Really? I mean geez, no offense but you don't look the type" he looks at Skapti "neither of you, but I'm not one to back down on rewards handing no siree, I'm just glad this pork is gonna be roast!"

Bekkel gives you the reward.

Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia feels mollified. "Thank you. Now let's eat pig and drink until we're blue."

That night, Magnolia proceeds to do just thank, drinking and eating bacon until, at some point, he passes out in the water trough for the horses (and donkey). Henry is kind enough to pull him out before he drowns.

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