The Vacant Throne: A Tale of Neverwinter

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The Vacant Throne: A Tale of Neverwinter

The Vacant Throne - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

I’m looking for 5-6 players for a very sandbox-style game that focuses on roleplay, intrigue, and exploration, set against the backdrop of New Neverwinter and the power struggles therein. Ideally, I’d like to share DMing duties with 1-2 of the players, giving me a chance to play on both sides of the screen. While the game description emphasizes the power vacuum in Neverwinter, the focus of the game doesn’t necessarily have to be the politics of the city. The PCs might be mercenaries, gangsters, retainers (or scions) of a noble house, members of a religious sect or arcane order, etc. I strongly encourage the PCs as a group to find some common cause to tie them together, but those details can be hammered out after players are chosen.

Players will be selected on writing ability, first and foremost, along with the willingness to work with fellow players and the DM to craft a story. Knowledge of the 4E rules and familiarity with MW tools is also important, as is a commitment to a posting frequency of at least every other day. I'll be using googledocs to host maps and a combat adjudicator, so I'll eventually need the emails of the players (not until after selection, though). I’ll be giving special consideration to those interested in co-DMing, but that shouldn’t be taken as a requirement. I think more than 3 DMs might become unwieldy.

Characters start at 1st level with 100gp to spend on gear, as well as one background and one theme from any source.
  • Source Material: All official D&D 4E content is available, including Essentials, Dragon magazine, etc. If it’s in the Compendium or DDI Character Builder, it will be allowed. The most recent updates will be considered official. I trust my players not to abuse the system and to make the game fun for each other as well as themselves. I don’t mind cosmetic changes for thematic reasons, but no mechanical changes (including damage type). No 3rd party material.

  • Destined for Greatness: This is a story of heroes, and the focus should remain on the PCs. I’ll try damn hard to portray dynamic and interesting NPCs, but the player characters and the decisions they make will be the heart of the story.

  • History Matters: Backgrounds and themes are strongly encouraged and may come from any source, but they should be important thematically as well as mechanically. As in all cases, feel free to stray from the official fluff, but tie these facets of your character into the story. I will be mining them for plot hooks.

  • Magic is Magical: Magic items are rare but potent, each one unique and with a history of its own. We’ll be using inherent bonuses to eliminate the need of the magic item treadmill. Acquiring a magic item will represent a significant achievement for a character.

  • The World is Yours: Whatever you want out of the game, weave it into your background. Do you want a certain specific magic item? Tell me how it was lost by your ancestor, and what its recovery will mean for the honor of your family. Would you like to face a certain type of foe? What have they done to deserve your wrath? Tell me what you want out of the game and how it makes sense in the context of the story.

  • Combat isn’t Everything: To promote well-rounded characters, the PCs start with one extra trained skill (not restricted by class skill list) and one extra feat that is primarily used for noncombat purposes (something that improves skills or languages, for instance). I'll even allow feats that have some secondary combat application as long as the primary purpose is unrelated to combat. Alertness, for example, or any multiclass feat. Arcane familiar would also be fine. This is purposely vague, so if you aren't sure about something feel free to ask.

  • Morality is Gray: And some morals are grayer than others. Alignment goes out the window; I never liked it anyway. Character is revealed through action. Choices are difficult; sacrifices must be made. Does the end justify the means? Possibly not, but power comes with a price.

Applications should include a completed character questionnaire and MW character sheet/statblock. Sections on Appearance, Personality, Background, and Reputation should be 1-2 paragraphs each. Include enough detail for me to visualize the character and how they interact with others, along with a few salient points about their past and what rumors might exist about them. Illustrations are fine as a supplement, but the writing is what really interests me. I don't need an entire life history, but I would definitely like to know what motivates your character and what set him on the adventuring path. If you can include hooks that might provide seeds for future adventures, or include one or two memorable NPCs, that will make you a much stronger contender.

Applications may also include:
  • An 80x80 "headshot" of your character. We'll be using these for the battle maps, but this can wait until after player selections are made.
  • If you have the Character Builder, you may include the Summary in a separate spoiler block but this does not replace the sheet/statblock.

For your convenience here's some prepackaged application code:

For the sake of my sanity I have a few special requests:
  • Please use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • For private questions/comments, use the PRIVATE tags in the ad thread, not PMs. Whenever possible keep questions public, especially if someone else might conceivably have the same question.
  • When you're completely finished with your application, post it in the Completed Applications thread. That will make it easier for me when it comes time to select players, but don't post until you're sure you're done. I don't mind a few last-minute tweaks, but I don't want to see incomplete applications in there.
  • Only one application per player. However, if you come up with a concept you like better, feel free to change anything in your application (even the whole thing) up until the closing date.

If you're interested in applying as a co-DM, please state your interest and any ideas you have in private text at the end of your application. I'm thinking of a fairly simple rotation schedule where each DM runs their own story arc for a single level (essentially, a limited campaign of 3-5 encounters, after which the PCs level up). We rotate DMs at each level break (DM1 runs for 1st level PCs, DM2 runs for 2nd level PCS, etc) and the DM for the last level becomes a player until his slot in the rotation comes up again.

Applications close on Leap Day (2/29)

Game Description:

The city of Neverwinter suffers for lack of a king. Even in safer times, the reputation of the Savage North was well earned. Now, times are worse and the land more savage by far. The great cities, once bastions of light and civilization, lie crippled. The small towns that served to shelter travelers stand empty—or have been claimed by murderous tribes and hungry monsters. Roads etched into the earth with thousands of years of use are increasingly obscured by forest, bramble, and marsh. Communities now struggle alone amid the wilderness, fortunate if they see an outsider once in a generation. Neverwinter labors to breathe in the suffocating harshness of this new North, the sea its only lifeline. With few traders braving the increasingly long treks between settlements, the city's docks now provide the area's main means of import and precious little export. Gone are the days of plenty, beauty, and luxury.

Today, Neverwinter struggles to break free of the forces that brought it low, still weak and surrounded by danger. Factions within the city scrap for power while foreign potentates scheme and wage their proxy wars within the city. Every hand is against another and none can be trusted--yet the people of the North have always been resilient. Many who fled the destruction thirty years ago have returned. Opportunists and looters arrived as well. People began to rebuild. Lord Dagult Neverember, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, came to restore order with his army of Mintarn mercenaries. Today the city struggles back to life under the watchful rule of the self-styled Lord Protector--but there are many who say that what the city really needs is a king. A true king, as in the olden days.

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As I said in the game development thread: I'm interested. I'll keep my work in this post.

Cat Burglar of Neverwinter

Name: Wynn
Race: Human
Class: Rogue (Thief)
Background: Pivotal Event (Murder)
Residence: Smiling Moon House, Inn Street, Neverwinter Docks District

This looks positively neato. Think I'll throw in for this. (work in progress)

Name: Lucia Norgale
Race: Human
Class: Bladesinger
Background: Baldur's Gate
Theme: Tuathan

No worries--the warning against PMs is partly because I don't like them, and partly because I have a habit of forgetting to reply. It's easier for me to track things if they're all in one place.

Azh, do you want to add something to the application template requiring applicants to comment on their interest in taking a turn as DM of the game? Or will that not be a consideration in selection of applicants?

Name: Gwenn Haleworthy.
Race: Human
Class: Cleric(Templar)

Originally Posted by Wizard of the Coat View Post
Azh, do you want to add something to the application template requiring applicants to comment on their interest in taking a turn as DM of the game? Or will that not be a consideration in selection of applicants?
Good question. It will factor in to some extent but I'm not sure exactly how I want to handle it yet. I'll give it some thought and try to come up with something this weekend.


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