The Age of the Dark Rites: Take over pre-existing Prestiege Paladin

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The Age of the Dark Rites: Take over pre-existing Prestiege Paladin

Age of the Dark Rites: Rise of the Chosen - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

We are currently looking for a replacement to our group...Our Paladin/Cleric has went MIA and we find the group atleast 1 frontline fighter/cleric light.

Read the game forum for any rules questions and to catch up on current events. The game is private and all content is subject to my use for any novels that I have been working on, so being comfortable with that is a must.

Character Creation Rules can be found here
Cleric Class being used for this game can be found here
Prestiege Paladin being used for this game can be found here

Any questions may be directed to either Morgan Bendbow or myself at anytime, either here in this thread or in the form of a private message (I am quicker to respond on average for Private Message Needs).

Everyother weekend my internet use becomes sparse if not non-existant, this weekend being one of them. So I would like to select an application by saturday morning or sunday evening at best. If not it will be early monday morning (meaning between 3 and 6 AM Eastern Standard Time)

Should an excellent cleric (read all information in DM notes section and Main section regarding this issue to get a feel for what we may be looking for in a cleric) be submitted I would consider allowing another applicant who submitted a suitable prestiege paladin type to take over this character, as a consolation to that decision.

so either a prestiege paladin or a cleric and a prestiege paladin will be accepted. I will look forward to seeing your applications.

If you have any questions please refer to the following links before will help us all out in the long run.

Map of the region
General Information
Home Brew

Game Description:

Rise of the Chosen: 199 ADR (Age of the Dark Rites)

The Age of the Unholy Wars has ended and the kingdoms of the 3rd Gate have experienced the worst of the darkness that followed. The fall of the old Gods has left The Gates of Amaranthine in a never ending time of troubles. With this proverbial darkness came the death plague, festering within the mortal realms, the 3rd Gate being the catalytic source of the event. A dark fortress appeared within the plains of the eastern coast of the dead sea on the day which marked the dawn of the new age, and with it the sun was scorched from the skies, leaving the realm in complete and utter darkness. The master of the keep, simply known as the Crimson One -or the Necromaster to those versed in the knowledge of his dark arts-, unleashed what the realm came to refer to as the Dark Ritual which blotted out the sun and brought the Death Plague into existance. Cemetaries and tombs, graves long since left undisturbed over countless centuries, were emptied of their inhabitants, as the dead walked the earth, revealing the ever reaching hand of Uulhamek'Moctou, The God of Undeath and master of the Necrocosm (known to those less familiar with the Dark Arts simply as, The Nothing, the source of necromatic power), the realm where the souls of the dead, who held no Deity in their hearts, dwell in eternal emptiness.

Uulhamek'Moctou's Death Plague, unleashed at the hands of the Necromaster, enveloped the 3rd Gate in a darkness which far surpassed the simple eclipsing of the sun. The people of the 3rd Gate were lost, and the heroes of the Unholy Wars could do nothing to protect the Gates at all times. And none suffered from these limited resources more than the 3rd Gate.

And then suddenly, as if it grew from the deepest hopes and prayers of those who survived the first century of the death plague, came a sign of hope in a hopeless time. One day a beam of light reached down from the heavens and from the emptiness appeared a fortress crafted from pillars of silver. The first inhabitants of the fortress claimed to have been blessed by their God, becoming the council of the New Temple. These people claimed that there was a new God, the one true God who needed no other name, and with Him they would be safe from the dangers of the darkness. The people flocked to the Fortress and took refuge in this kingdom which was a world onto itself. Their God claimed to be the beginning and the end, the righteous light within Uulhamek'Moctou's evil darkness.

Those who took the side of the True God, were forced to abandon the old Gods and devote their lives to the worship of He alone. Those who hesitated considered His arrival as either a test of their faith, or even as a wolf in sheep's clothing, remained separate from the New Temple, and were left to their own devices within the Outlands. These Outlanders became forgotten by the people of the Fortress, believed to be lost to the light forever and the people of the fortress -Now referred to as the people of the light- were warned to keep their distance from the outside world, lest they be lost forever.

An army was erected to regulate the defenses of the Fortress, from the sewers below which were open to the Outlands and therefore vulnerable to attacks, to the boundaries of their fortress just outside the walls of The Kingdom of Light. These knights were taken at birth, chosen by the council who claimed that the One God selected them as His soldiers. These children were raised in the Temple and taught only to serve the council, their word being the word of the One God.

Come forward all ye Potentials, and see if your characters have what it takes to become one of the Chosen...

"I do not fear death...I was not alive for billions upon billions of years before I was born and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it."

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Father Merro

*moved to appropriate thread*

Perchance I could reapply with a refluffed Dame Berthilda? (Play by Post takes up a lot less time than I had assumed)

Might I enquire as whether the Cleric character is to be a pure Cleric in terms of classes?? Also, are their limits on where exactly we draw domain lists from?

Rosencrantz: You are free to try...Though we are looking for something very particulay right now...if you can make it fit I would be more than happy to consider it...

AaronH: I would prefer that the cleric be mixed with some sort of battle ready class (they are soldiers after all). Also, please move your app to the appropriate thread (potentials) in the forum...I would prefer domains to be drawn from either the spell compendium or the PHB...

Everyone: if you are applying with a cleric please pay close attention to all information in the forum regarding the setting...I can not stress this enough...reading the game description closely wouldnt hurt either.

Any chance you could unlock her thread so I can grab everything off it to rebuild the application?

sure no problem

Hi BeyondThePale, I missed out on this game last time.

Are you just after the one replacement for this one character? Or are you open to other applicants as well?

Also I've seen that username before. I thought he'd stolen it off one of my characters but I saw he was on GitP as well. There was some note about him having been in a very serious accident. I'll try to find it for you

If I recieve a workable cleric app I will be selecting that cleric and someone to take over the current paladin character...

but if I only choose a paladin type, you are free to roll him up as you will be from these paladin types that I will offer the pregenerated character to if it comes down to that...however if I like your paladin type enough I will take that instead...

also anyone interested in applying familiarize yourselves with these links

Map of the region
General Information
Home Brew

I believe I have found my cleric...Looking for a paladin type to step up now...waving the whole taking over a character sheet thing...feel free to write up your own...remember it has to be the prestiege paladin from the link in the ad...hope to see atleast one good proposal by tonight or is closing monday

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