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Players of Older D&D and Clones

Heeheeeeeee! The d20 mechanic within games, to be more specific. Years of Fate, D6 and old WoD have turned me off of running mixed-dice games using d20s for major actions.

Can you add me as newbie looking for AD&D 1st or 2nd edition? I'd like to learn it and want to play ToEE and Giants and Drow series.

Anyway, PMs are OK.

Hey BW - can you add me here too? Classic and Gygax + limited interest in retro-clones. PMs are OK but I'm not able to start anything new until later this year.


Asar and Random got you on the list both welcome.

Asar I am in a major busy period right now, but I am really wanting to start a 1e (not clone) game of the U series. It is a pretty good one too, actually I like it better than ToEE mega module (not T1 though). Probably in the next few weeks.

Though I think it would be a great time for someone else to run another 2e game. The last three had huge turnouts. Hint! Hint! X!

lol Im scared my game will flop. Im in like 4 games already two of them are just starting out. let me see how they pan out.

Excior, are you starting up a game? I feel like you may've been doing a Red Box style game, if my poor memory is serving me well tonight. If you're looking to do one of the AD&D ones, let me know! I'm always happy to do more AD&D!

if I do one I plan on running Castle Greyhawk

Well its not Greyhawk, but I have created a game based in the Forgotten Realms. I will be running the Sword of the Dales Starting off at level one and looking for 4 players to start. Before I open the game up to the rest of the Weave I thought I would start here any takers

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