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Players of Older D&D and Clones

Hey, BW, would you think of me as a ninja if I brought up Rolemaster Classic in our Players of Older D&D and Clones thread? If so, I won't bring it up. ;-)

was the Old Middle Earth Role Playing game from that System?

Yeah. MERP as it were. It definitely qualifies as "older."

I don't think there is a problem saying hey I am looking at putting a game of this old school system together, here is the thread.

Getting into lengthy discussions of non-D&D systems would probable be better done elsewhere.

Everybody notice Sam asks while doing. Meh!

Thanks; just posted the link above.

If any one would like to pick my brain for ideas for a campaign I have lots the reason i don't DM is every campaign I am DM seems so fun I want to be an adventure so the campaigns just seem to stop and I also dont have the books to DM. FEEL FREE TO ASK (PM)

Heya all, just wanted to let you know that I have for certain one, and maybe two openings in my 2e game that's still in it's infant phases.

It's a 2e game set in more of a 1700's period (technologically speaking). There are all sorts of rules associated with it, and it's a homebrew setting. The setting itself can be seen here, while the homebrew rules section can be seen here.

What I'm looking for is a player (or players, depending) who is active, enthusiastic, and committed. The nature of this campaign makes it very difficult to replace people, but because it's so early in it, I'm kinda just "waving the DM wand" on it.

Most of the setting is described in the setting itself, but to spin up potential players for what's happened since: The boat has traversed it's (small) ocean, it's made landfall, and the first camp is being scouted out.

So, I've had an awesome idea for a while now, and am starting to piece the concept together a campaign for a Fairy Tales-based game using the AD&D 2e system, with a modified Greyhawk setting (the land of Yore). The idea is to take many of the popular fairy tales such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, etc and create a whole fantasy world based on these characters, only with my own sinister twists!

This would be a campaign require player longevity. If anyone is interested in checking out the premise,you can find it here

Edit: The Game has been opened! Applications are now being accepted! To check out the game and apply, simply go here

Completely add me to the list - I'm very, very interested in dusting down my retro D&D books .

Classic D&D, AD&D 2nd Edition and the like - PM's are fine.

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