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Players of Older D&D and Clones

The game in my signature, Pirate Girls of Mars, has been moving slowly but is still going steadily. Its an anime themed game using Stars Without Number. I've lost a couple of players and could probably use one or two more. The original ad thread is here. For the moment it's heavy on role play, no dice have been even thrown yet. If you think such a game might interest you, please send me a PM.

I am starting a Swords & Wizardry White Book game. It will be a dungeon crawl to begin with but more RP intensive as the game goes on. Ad can be found here.

I have made several minor changes to the original White Book rules: Using Acceding AC, added a thief class, added multi-class rules, moved all the level abilities down so that a 1st level character has all the abilities of a 2nd level character, and switch to Core Labyrinth Lord spells as I like the list better. This game doesn't use variable weapon damage or hit die, d6 for all.

I'm in. 2nd Edition AD&D for me and PMs are okay.

You know, I had just hopped on the IRC channel and was talking about 2e, and he didn't even know this thread existed!

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