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Movies of 2012

*raises hand*

Originally Posted by Kim_Possible View Post
We went out and ate shawarma afterwards.

Yeah, I saw that; Stark's face was priceless!

Originally Posted by Fjolnir View Post
I guess I'm the person who has to bring up Rise of the Guardians. I saw the trailer for this movie and as someone who goes to movies with children, this definitely caught my eye. The concept is: Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and The Sandman; together they fight crime! It seems like it will be a riot to watch on the big screen and is definitely on my radar for later this year and is the only movie outside my particular wheelhouse to be on that list (the others are batman, the avengers, and the new spiderman flick)
I saw that too. It did look good. I think I will borrow my nephew and go see it.

I think the new Spiderman movie might be worth a watch; it seems to be closer to the comics character wise, and that's a good thing.

Ya I am looking forward to the new spider man movie, thank goodness for gwen stacy.

And the fact that the first bag guy is you know... not the green goblin is nice, give spiderman a nice start up villian.
But the lizard? really.. I don't know how I feel about that.

The new batman movie will ether be Great like dark night, or Meh. Like batman begines. Still better then any of the other batman movies. (The OG batman was actually pretty good as well)

When you say OG Batman, I think you mean the 1989 Tim Burton version, not this:

Which is neither OG nor 'pretty good.'

- Logain

Yes I do actually mean the Tim Burton Version.
And I would say it was alright for its time.
And I would agree its not OG.
But you got my point. It's not a movie I would go out of my way to see, but I would not call it wreched. (Unlike Batman Returns or Batman and Robin)

I liked the original Batman. Batman Returns was the one that felt more like a Tim Burton movie featuring Batman than a Batman movie.

And let's not even speak of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin...

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