Adventure Class! (literally)

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Adventure Class! (literally)

Telsorn - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

(Disclaimer: I do not own the above image. It is simply a visual reference.)

Telsorn, a beautiful and majestic island. It is here that you find yourself growing up as a child. Your parents, whether their adventurers off in foreign lands, evil rulers conquering lost empires, or just plain townsfolk, for one reason or another have raised you (or let you be raised) here in the little town of Shale. Shale only has roughly 100 citizens.

You're getting to the point when you want to do something more with your life. You want to go out into the world and discover new things. You, along with a few other kids from the town, have known a man who lives near the edge of town in a shanty for some years now. He's not really helpful, in fact he's very lazy, but the stories he tells, and the things he knows, it's caught the interest of quite a few of the kids around town.

Some convinced him it would be profitable for him to teach the youth of the village how to become great adventurers like some of their parents. As soon as money was involved he instantly agreed to teach a few of the kids.

There's been a change to the ending schedules. Players will now have until Monday to edit their characters during some in-character play. On Monday the application thread will be closed and two groups will be chosen. :

Game Description:

This game will be focused on a class of youngsters learning how to be great adventurers.

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Posting Interest.

I'm really liking this idea. Looking forward to seeing what people come up with for this kind of setting. That just leaves the question what should I do? I'll figure it out, eventually. Right! Off to the Workshop!

Sounds interesting, and since most of my games have fallen by the wayside, I find myself with the time for a new run. I'll start something up.

Are you allowing
Races of the Wild Pg.106
Catfolk as an acceptable race?

If need be we can lower the ability bonuses, but I'm posing to a child of a jungle-living Catfolk clan, so before I sink some hours into him, I just want to clear it up before hand.

Alright then. I'll cut the abilities bonuses in half from +4 Dex/+2 Cha to +2 Dex/ +1 Cha, sound good with you?

And if anyone else feels strongly about it, any input on this? I figured the cut would be appropriate for the character age.

Sounds fine, if anyone has different suggestions or whatnot feel free to talk about it, Race and Class changes are fine with me as long as their fine with your peers. (to an extent)

EDIT: Do note, you don't need to change things just because of your age.

lol..sorry, I believe the theme of children going to school would not include a cat.
Unless it's a pet or something but awakened animals.


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