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camp in the woods

Campaign in the Woods - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

accepting applcants

Game Description:

This will be a woodsy 3.5 campaign. You will be some form of denizen of the forest or one who has come looking for, or to replace the now lost circle of druids that were here. There are sections of the forest that will be used in different places to post within with descriptions and people in those areas can interact with one another there. It will be some freeform play where you will get to interact with npcs and some you will want to meet and work with other players. I post daily sometimes more often depending on my schedule.
The theme is basic there is a massive forrest you will all start in the northern part and most accessible part of the forest. Tall majestic trees running for over thirty square miles, the rest will become accessible with time. There will be a small village north of the forrest named Roin. There was an ancient druidic circle here but they havent been seen or heard for over ten seasons passings.

Onto creation....3.5 if you are power gaming you wont be accepted. If you want to create a fun different campaign. With character background and story you will be accepted.

If you are using a nonstandard book of some sort you need to tell me the source and what it is.

You are welcome to run whatever you like within ecl limits which I will start at...7 animals will be at 8 unless you bypass the flaw of being an animal with something like shapeshifting.

I would ask applicant to do a paragraph of their concept idea I dont need stats or anything else based on that you will be accepted or asked to reapply. Questions are welcome here. Stats arent necessary at this step and I haven actually decided upon anything concrete as of yet anyhow. So applicants welcome.

lol...yeah more than one player for sure fogot to check the box.....

bigfoot? alaghi? give me some idea of how your gonna make a bigfoot character and i dont really have a problem with it.

there is an ooc thread i made and can add an app thread but really wanted to feel the players out some with their ideas before it went any further i ran a campaign here and a few bad players made it almost painful to run.

Beguiler is in what sourcebook ? Please when i asked for source material and explanations I dont have every book and/or every one of them memorised.

Ask about a race fine say MMII page 222......or it gives x stats and has this ecl...make my task easier please same with classes ....say its in PhbII pg 23 or whatever so i can respond without lots of time looking something up.

Could I play a satyr?

Grey Elf is on MMI page 104.

Beguiler is on PHB2 page 6. Basically it is a spellcasting rogue that specializes in Illusions and Enchanments.

What I want to do is have my character be one of the protectors of an elf village, using illusions and enchantments to keep intruders away.

If anyone else wants to be from the village also then we can form a pair if you want to. I was thinking that the village protectors would work in pairs most of the time when roaming the forest.

What is the starting level? 7? 8?


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