Wilderness Forest protectors wanted

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Wilderness Forest protectors wanted

Campaign in the Woods - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 4

New campaign forest guardians and players wanted they will be information made available to players.

Have two applicants accepted and are looking for more players looking to have fun and be in a forest campaign. There is a place for apps. An ooc option to ask questions and talk.

Come and play if you like the woods and wild campaigns.

Game Description:

This will be a woodsy 3.5 campaign. You will be some form of denizen of the forest or one who has come looking for, or to replace the now lost circle of druids that were here. There are sections of the forest that will be used in different places to post within with descriptions and people in those areas can interact with one another there. It will be some freeform play where you will get to interact with npcs and some you will want to meet and work with other players. I post daily sometimes more often depending on my schedule.
The theme is basic there is a massive forrest you will all start in the northern part and most accessible part of the forest. Tall majestic trees running for over thirty square miles, the rest will become accessible with time. There will be a small village north of the forrest named Roin. There was an ancient druidic circle here but they havent been seen or heard for over ten seasons passings.

Onto creation....3.5 if you are power gaming you wont be accepted. If you want to create a fun different campaign. With character background and story you will be accepted.

If you are using a nonstandard book of some sort you need to tell me the source and what it is.

You are welcome to run whatever you like within ecl limits which I will start at...7 animals will be at 8 unless you bypass the flaw of being an animal with something like shapeshifting.

I would ask applicant to do a paragraph of their concept idea I dont need stats or anything else based on that you will be accepted or asked to reapply. Questions are welcome here. Stats arent necessary at this step and I haven actually decided upon anything concrete as of yet anyhow. So applicants welcome.

Originally Posted by bloodrever View Post
It is ok if I add an elven village to the northern part of the forest in my concept?
Though I appreciate concept one of the storylines around the forest is most of the denizens that were known havent been heard from even the druidic circle but in a nearby forest there could be an elven forest just not in the northern forest itself

Ah in that case I need to rethink my idea then. I was thinking that my character would be a protector of an elven village in the forest.

I guess I got confused since your app says that "You will be some form of denizen of the forest or one who has come looking for, or to replace the now lost circle of druids that were here."

Will come up with a reason for my character to be looking for the druid circle. Maybe one of them could be her father.

I have never played an animal, what is best way to conceptualize a playable version of one?

If my understanding is correct you are looking for either Animal PCs or Replacement Druids of a sort, correct? If so, I have two potential concepts for you that I will prod ever so gently.

A) A Siarran (Mythic Races) Druid/Oracle seeking enlightenment and relief in the forest and finding both the innate peace and beauty found within to be the ultimate spot for him to acquire both with little need to worry about anything, but nature. He would be a defender of the woods and a medic to those he finds worthy and refuse passage beyond certain limits of those he finds in contempt of the woods.

B) A Winter Wolf displaced in the humid surroundings when a Mage's spell goes awry and unleashes him into the strange wilderness. He would alternate between protecting the forest in regards to where he claims his territory and tormenting those he smells any hint of magic within their veins fearing that they might attempt to send him back to his own environment and from the throne he has found in the warm, green lands.

You dont have to be a protector per say but by denizen i mean someone who makes the woodsy wilderness its home or is from there. There was a druidic circle of this forest but no contact has been made in a very long time. Or you were run out of your forest home whatever suits you as a fun concept really just be woodsy.


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