Rise of the Runelords

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Rise of the Runelords

Rise of the Runelords in 4e - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Rise of the Runelords takes place in the region of Varisia in the world known as Golarion. You can probably look up the details on the Pathfinder Wiki, but I recommend that you download the Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide here:


The ebook pdf version is free, you just need to make a paizo account, put it in the shopping cart and go to checkout, then download. =3 Some specific elements of the guide don't fit with 4e, but the fluff is mostly the same. If you wish to play a race or class not mentioned and stuff, well, feel free to add your own fluff, but do try and build off of the ones given. The adapted 4e mechanics for deities, feats/backgrounds, equipment and such, I will add to the game forum later. Only gonna convert the six main faiths mentioned for Varisia, but if interested in another god/goddess' domains, do tell me. Also, if you don't want to be someone from the Varisia region and are familiar with the Pathfinder setting, I would not mind if you made a character from another region entirely...Just need a plausible reason for you to be in Sandpoint.

Character Name:
Race & Class:
Quick Summary of the character: A phrase that describes him/her best.
Appearance: (I would appreciate an image!)
Personality: (Try not to be cliche. I don't want a badass drow loner of a two weapon ranger, please.)
Background: (Not too long, but keep in mind you would have spent some time "hero"ing and gaining a few skills by now.)
Why are you in Sandpoint: (Think of something even half plausible. Bonus points for being funny. (j/k) =P)
Statblock: (Doesn't need to be complete yet. Just give some idea of the style the character plays, and the roles they're trying to fill.)

Starting Level: 6.
Standard 22 Point Buy - A Level 7 and a Level 6 item and 2000 gp to spend on items up to Level 5
Anything in the CB goes. Just...do make sure to refluff it very well if it's setting specific. I don't wanna see any "Morninglords". Call yourselves Dawntreaders or Lightbringers or something. Be creative with the names, etc, etc...=P

APPs Posted:
Graak, Half-Orc Barbarian -Striker- Mantra99
Jericho Typhoon, Human Rogue -Striker- Burne
Amaranth, Tiefling Vestige Pact Warlock -Striker- DrMorganes
Corgal Nello, Human Fighter -Defender- Cnyperos
Reddic, Human Fighter -Defender- Arq Kujos
Cobweb, Pixie Illusionist Mage - Controller - Ryfte
Hurk, Dwarf Warlord -Leader- Cyco
Mer-Rin, Warforged Wizard - Controller - Kansas
Threkgard, Human Eagle Shaman - Leader - BornAgainGamer
Hetzer Crake, Half-Elf Paladin - Defender - Zester

I will probably leave this ad open for a week or so, maybe less, especially since people have been stewing ideas already in the game planning thread. =S We'll see what we get for applications and such. I'll probably take six people, just in case someone drops or gets busy or such.

Game Description:

Yes, taking that good old Pathfinder Adventure Path that started it all...and plugging it into the 4e system. While Pathfinder has its merits to a player, as a DM who's still building up experience and stuff, I find 4e more DM friendly. I do apologize to any lovers of the Pathfinder system out there, but I have to go with what I know better. That said, Pathfinder's biggest draw is its intriguing storylines, and so...after seeing someone do a Kingmaker in 4e ad...well, why the hell not Runelords? Without further ado...

Adventure BackgroundWe begin in a little town, one of many in an untamed land. The coastal town of Sandpoint has faced few trials and dangers over the course of its forty-two year history, but then again, nothing is ever certain in this wild realm known as Varisia. Five years past, a church of Desna had burnt down over the heads of its caretaker and his family, the climax of a string of unfortunate deaths and disappearances in the town known in small town lingo as "the Late Unpleasantness". Those days are long over now, fresh in memory still, but thankfully past. The people of Sandpoint now prepare to consecrate a new cathedral to replace the old one burnt to the ground, and are eager to put all reminders of the Late Unpleasantness behind them for good.

For five years, the faithful of Sandpoint have attended church in smaller wooden structures rebuilt after fire destroyed the previous temple, and while their new pastor Abstalar was helpful, kind, and wise, church wasn’t the same. Now, the new cathedral is finally done. All that remains is for the Swallowtail Festival to renew the site’s blessings from the gods and it will be as if the Sandpoint Fire had never occurred.

And so, for various reasons, on this, the first day of Autumn, you, seasoned adventurers all, find yourselves in town to take ease and rest on your accomplishments. Perhaps this was your home, and a homecoming party is planned by your friends, to whom you intend to boast about that ogre you had slain, that had grown from 'as big as a horse' to 'as big as a house'. Perhaps you are come to perform, to bandy your name to locals, earn coin, and tell a tale of the three princesses fair you had stolen away from some palace. Perhaps you are come to provide additional blessings to and participate in the religious observances of the feast, be you a daughter of the Dawnflower, a heartwarder of Shelyn or even a dreamer of Desna herself. Or perhaps you're the grumpy old down on your luck grunt some merchant hired to stand watch over his goods while he plied his wares...

Whatever your reason, you are now at Sandpoint's Swallowtail Festival...and events are in motion that would make the Late Unpleasantness quite forgotten, for all the wrong reasons.

Note to Everyone: That's a small L in my username, not a big I.

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Potentially interested. Generally knowing of the pathfinder setting. I'll see what I end up throwing together (though I do tend to procrastinate, so don't wait on me).

You aren't doing Level 7, level 6, level 5 and gold equal to level 5 for equipment? That's the norm so I just wanted to make sure what you typed wasn't a typo.

Character Name: Graak

Race & Class: Half-Orc Barbarian

Quick Summary of the character: Confused outcast searching for his place in an uncaring world.

Appearance: A shaved head save for a long black ponytail tied off with a leather thong. Multiple piercings in both ears. A clean shaven face that favors his orcish side a bit more than his human side. Eyes the color of amber that twinkle with a childlike glee. Tall and muscular, he barely has an ounce of fat on him. Graak prefers hide armor but keeps it sparse to enable greater speed and mobility. His waraxe is worn on loops on either side of his belt, always close at hand.

Personality: Graak enjoys the simple pleasures in life. The roll of the dice, the taste of ale as it washes down your throat, the blur of combat. He's a fairly easygoing guy, pretty easy to get along with. He's a bit of a free spirit, a bit of a drifter. Push him too far and you'll find out he's got a pretty short temper. He's been thrown out of plenty of taverns for starting fights with people who think they can take the "Big Bad Orc."

Why are you in Sandpoint: Unemployed and down on his luck, Graak drifted into town with the Mercer caravan. It's the end of the line and now he's just passing time until another caravan is ready to leave.

I am curious though. Book 1 of Rise of the Runelords is a level 1 to 3 adventure base, even if being converted to 4e it would still have to be the same level range. Are we starting at level 6 because we are doing the 3rd book, or did you actually make book 1 substancually more harder than it is sapose to be?

I'm going to up the difficulty, yeah...It will be book 1 though. =3 Just, I know a fair number of people are kinda allergic to level 1 games (in any setting and system!), since there's so many of them. I'm gonna break down each adventure into four levels, and it'll max out at 30 instead, heh.

One last question
2000 gp to spend on items up to Level 5
Does that include stuff like potions and alchemical stuff?

Uh, includes anything magical. Anything non-magical, within reason, is free.


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