One-shot game

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One-shot game

Pirates Vs Ninja: Resolution - Forum
D20 Past
Ad Closes: Mar 12 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 7

Greetings, all! I'm looking for some players to determine the final outcome in a battle between two iconic factions: ninjas and pirates.

This is a One-Shot game that has potential to become a campaign depending on participation. At the moment, there are positions open for 3 pirates and 4 ninja.

The story so far...

In the Spring of 1715, a small band of pirates are approached by a gentleman who promises fame and riches beyond all their imagination. Of course, like all things, there is just one catch...

In a small village near Osaka lives the Shadow Dragon Clan of ninja. Only few know outside the village of their reverence and worship to the Shinto dragon god, Shin-Zu. So devoted, he has a shrine dedicated to him with a statue of pure gold. If anything were to happen to this statue, the clan will stop at nothing to punish those responsible. Even fight to the death...

If there is any interest to find out what happens and who wins, pick a faction and sign up. I'm very open with character creation ideas and if any doubts or questions ill answer promptly via PM.
Good hunting!

Game Description:

First and foremost, this will be my first game on MW, so please bare with me.
This is planned to be a one-shot adventure, but depending on response, it may grow to a campaign


During the Spring of 1715, a fateful encounter will give everyone the answer to the age old question: Who would win in battle? Ninja, or Pirate?

Accepted books: d20 Past, d20 Modern (with certain exceptions)

Progress Level: 3

Character Creation: Level 4, Max health each lvl, set points(18,16,16,14,12,10)

Number of Players: 6-12

Applications accepted until 10th Feb. (see application thread for details)

*Any questions regarding specifics, please feel free to ask

Mother of god posting interest.

Which side are we, pirate or ninja?

I have changed your Advert title from "Recruiting for a one-shot game" to "One-shot game" because adding Recruiting to your title implies that some Adverts are NOT recruiting which is incorrect. Link to the Site Rules about this.

@Rosencrantz14: whichever side you like. The game forum offers a section for applications from each faction so you can also read up on your team as well. And as always, if you have any ideas for a direction with your character, you can always PM me to discuss options.

I might be interested. Can we get some more info on the 2 factions? (Motivation, disposition, purpose, social standing, etc). What character classed would be encouraged to fill the roles of pirate & ninja?

The character class is whatever is feasible. You want a ninja that is an expert with a flintlock? You got it. A pirate with impressive martial arts? Why not? Basically, the player is free to make any preferred character for either faction within reason. Any personal ideas you have but aren't sure how to make? Let's talk and work something out. I want to limit as little as possible to make the game a match for the player's enjoyment.

Regarding motivation, purpose, whatnot, it all boils down to how you would like to play your character. The common link for pirates is only this: a task is presented in game which will bring them to Japan. They may be motivated for riches, maybe fame and glory, or just to see new sights. That is for the player to decide.

The common thread for the ninja is that they are part of the same clan, and practice Shinto. Because of their belief, they worship a dragon statue, which happens to be made of pure gold. Again, motivations for how and why they became a ninja is up to the player.

During the game, it is my hope to weave a seamless plot which is tangible and viable as to why these two factions would even fight.

I hope that answers your question.

The only stipulations I placed with character creation is the set attribute points and human race. As long as its something in Modern or Past sourcebooks, then I have no problem with it. Keep in mind the time period. Anybody to show any sign of practicing magic or supernatural ability would be quickly executed with a rather unfair trial. Assuming there is actually a trial.

Well I was thinking that the Ninjas might have some ancient oriental mysticism going for them...

If you can write it into your character's story, I'll work with you on fx abilities. I got no problem with that.


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