Calling all Samurai!

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Calling all Samurai!

The Second Clan War - Forum
Legend of the Five Rings 3e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

War comes to the Emerald Empire of Rokugan! Thirty years of peace end in violence and bloodshed as the samurai of Rokugan battle against each other. Heroes live and die, and battles are won on the actions of a single warrior. It is an age of war. It is an age of uncertainty. Above all things, it is an age of opportunity. The Second Clan War has begun. Will you join the fight?

I'm seeking a few more players to round out this game and add some life and vitality to it. This is a continuation of a previous L5R campaign, but we're heading in a new direction and I'd like to pick up some new players along the way!

Game Description:

It is summer in the year 1210 of the Isawa Calendar. Iweko I, the Child of Heaven and Divine Empress of Rokugan, died three years ago. With her died thirty years of peace in the Emerald Empire. Her eldest daughter was long dead at the time of her passing, leaving only Iweko Kanashime and Iweko Yoshio to claim the throne. In the same Winter Court that marked the passing of Iweko I, Iweko Yoshio was severely injured as his sister revealed deep connections to the Lying Darkness in a bid for the throne.

The two Imperial heirs have fought a shadow war in the years since. The samurai Clans of Rokugan array behind one heir or the other, marshaling their own forces as the Imperial Legions descend into chaos. It is an era of madness and pain as the Iweko Dynasty withers on the vine.

The Ikoma historians would later call this period The Second Clan War.


In The Second Clan War, a roleplay-heavy adventure for Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition, players can look forward to many opportunities. Players will create an “adventuring” character and a second, “lord”, character. Lord characters will offer players the opportunity to play as and define important personages in the setting such as the Jeweled Champions, Imperial Governor, and Clan Champions.

This game promises lots of individual player interaction as well as giving them the chance to define a new era in storied Rokugan.

I think I may return to the game, then. Likely a new person, not Taishou, as I have an idea I'd like to try. What is the current starting XP? Standard for character creation, by the by? Not a big deal, regardless, just curious.

Players will create an “adventuring” character and a second, “lord”, character.
This sounds awesome. Really.

Should those two characters be connected in some way (I am thinking same clan) or not?

Adventuring characters, if approved, will start out with 110XP, though some more may be awarded depending on concept. Lord characters will likely be somewhere in the IR5-IR8 range but those characters will depend much on sample posts and character concepts.

The characters can be connected if the player wishes, or they may not! It's really up to you!

I have a weird question, if you would allow.

I'm a diehard L5R player. It hooked me up early and I grew up with it, teaching me English in the process, haha.
However I've been dissatisfied with the mechanics lately: I just stayed for the fluff (not planning to leave yet).
Last game, I played without submitting a complete character sheet beyond rings skills advantages and disadvantages, that is to say I only vaguely mentioned a shugenja school without neither providing a spell list nor intending to rely on a technique whatsoever. At the same time I provided a very detailed overview of what made my character a Merchant Patron as per the way of the daimyo. (see this thread) That's the kind of things I am attracted to.

So without further ado, would you allow me to just play one "almost crunchless" lord character or two and decline the offer to play the adventuring one?

Adventuring characters are kind of crucial to the story arc that'll be going on throughout the game, Boar. While Lord characters will get to make sweeping, setting-defining decisions the adventuring characters will be exploring it and in many ways changing it. Think of the original Clan War. While Hida Kisada and Toturi were these great, epic characters, where would everyone have been without the lowly Toku?

I'm not sure what I think about "crunchless" characters. I'm not opposed to the idea, per se, but in my experience it's an idea that gets abused to the detriment of other players more often than not.


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