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Help with making GURPS Characters

Powers break down into types:
Active powers - you use the power without a skill (super running).
Active powers - you use a skill with (inate attack(breath))
passive powers - its always on (damage resistance)

Some powers have skills attached to them, flight for one. Being able to fly is great, you can simply roll dex to make simple maneuvers, nothing else is needed. You get the flight skill and your much better at flying. Then you can get the skill Aerobatics to make it look effortless.

I think I need to see some sample characters to really get this. And neither Powers nor Supers provides me with any. Anyone care to share a character sheet link or three?

Ideally, a psionic type - otherwise normal human with mental powers, and a full-on superhero, maybe go with the cliched fire-based powers character?

Oh, and is my lack of GCA (I own a Mac, for now, and can't run it) potentially keeping me from picking this up on my own?

actually the powers are broken down into the type of attack, so a flame power could be very large or very singular.

Firestar (the marvel character) had micro wave powers that mimiced flame abilities. Giving her flight and a variety of abilaties. damage resistance, flight, fire jet, fire ball.. you get the idea.

Psion (random telepath) has the ability to speak mind to mind. sheet

Firestar needs the inate attack ability to hit with her powers, Psion only need the ability to speak.

these are only the abilities without all the extra fluff of making the character. Can you see how it works?

I guess what it comes down to is that I'm making it harder than it has to be. Probably because I started reading books like Powers - Psionic Powers, where nearly every ability has a skill associated with it, and sometimes more than one...

if your talking about the 3.0 rules for gurps, then its different.

Telepathy power..
skills: mind read, mind send, control..

No, this is one of the 4th edition PDFs, specifically about Psionic powers. I think I just tried to go 'advanced' before I'd gotten down 'basic'.


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