amnesia game for GURPS beginners

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amnesia game for GURPS beginners

Who Am I Beginners - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 8

learn character creation and game operation- backwards! Your character will have total amnesia and you will learn about teh character creation process as you figure out who your character is, while at the same time going through an adventure setting!

Game Description:

This is a game for those learning GURPS. You wake up naked on a comfortable if firm mattress with no memory of who you are. The room is comfortable lit, and the walls are a soft green color. There is nobody else in the room, and one door with no handle.

RTJ: Give a description of your physical appearance, including distinguishing marks, tatoos, etc. Height, weight, gender. Non humans will be allowed but please be advised that this will be what you look like, not necessicarilly what you are, especially if the appearance is chosen from a well established genre.

Sorry, deleted my interest post without thinking. I am interested in this: I'd like to try GURPS and the hook is intriguing, but I've got a few games just starting (not that that would slow me down much :P) and I'd like to let some other people have a go first. I'd apply with my standard character, but I'll leave it a bit to see if it fills up first.

Very interested. I have only ever played once with Gurps Lite (3rd edition) combat focused game one shot adventure. I hope to be chosen.

at the urging of a close friend that I played other RPG's with in the past, I am reading through the GURPS source books to hopefully begin a campaign of my own in the near future. I would like to join this game if there's still room. thanks.

I've decided to throw my hat into the ring if you've still got room.


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