Currency of the Soul

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Currency of the Soul

Currency of the Soul - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Eberron
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Welcome to 'Currency of the Soul', this campaign is the first part of a story line I'm working on set in Xen'drik. The main characters will have already established themselves as a skilled group of criminals/mercenaries based in the city of Stormreach and are about to be approached with an intriguing job offer which requires their level of expertise.

The adventure will start off outside the Black Wrack where they are approached by an expeditious messenger. After listening to what its master has in mind for them and discussing it with him I will then give players time in Stormreach to prepare however they see fit and to get to grips with their characters. The story will involve travel through the wilderness of Xen'drik, dungeon exploration and a little bit of stealth and dagger. I also have a line of plot hooks ready to add more depth to the game but those are obviously secret for now

I'm looking for a group of three players who can think in character and not automatically assume they can take any challenge head on with brute force. I need realistic characters, not bulletproof Hollywood characters. They must also be partial to committing immoral acts such as theft and murder, the good alignment has no place here. Each character should also pack some level of stealth ability.

Once characters have been chosen I will provide them with room to write a group background and establish their relations with one another before we start. I will also introduce a few extras to work on such as contacts and group tactics.

I'll be using gestalt to make sure we have a nice array of abilities at hand with only 3 characters rather than the traditional 4/5. The way I see it, the smaller the group the more quickly and efficiently we can progress. That being said I will be looking for 1 post / 2 days or hopefully more when the time is good.

Game Description:

The players are an independent group of mercenaries with no reserve to committing acts such as theft and murder so long as their actions don't displease the Coin Lords. The group is small but highly skilled and they are relatively well known by the less-than-honest inhabitants of Stormreach. They have worked for many of its key groups including the Ninth Wands, the Quickfoot Gang and even the Coin Lords themselves.

Currently between jobs the mercenaries spend some of their hard earned wealth in the Black Wrack whilst they keep an eye on the nearby notice board. One night, after a long night of drinking and testing their strength, dexterity and guile against the other local talents, they stumble out into the night air and are approached by an expeditious messenger...

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Interesting. It's been a while since I played Eberron. I guess I'll give it a shot.

I apologize for the shabby introduction, I'm new to these forums and haven't played pbp for several years. I also appear to have messed up the 'Estimated Members Required', is there anyway I can rectify it?

Not many people really bothers with the 'Estimated Members Required'. I'd say about 10%-20% actually bother. As long as you state how many members are required, we'll take your word.

Also... could I get a re-roll? My stats sucks bigtime.

Yeah sure, I noticed them and added in the line that you may automatically re-roll if stats come out less than a 28 point buy

Sounds fine by me, just so long as it fits into the setting. I've provided plenty of information to use for those who don't have the books.

Would you allow a cleric of the Three Faces of War?

Damn. This campaign would have been perfect for Thief of Life, but you're not allowing Incarnum


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