QRF Ready Tent

QRF Ready Tent

A small structure, adjacent to the command and control tent, provides a warm waiting place for the groups tasked with ring transport, exploration, and security. The place is usually silent and empty except for when a mission is about to depart or return.

The inside of the tent is a bit tight. Cots sit against the wall, as well as a transportable desk. The center of the room sits an all purpose table and 4 simple chairs. A Gas heater is the only reason this tent is not frozen like the rest of the camp.

Lt James Lockley

4 other people sat on the various cots and chairs in the room. 2 wore the airforce security uniform, and 2 woreACU's with Marine corp on the lapel.

Lt Lockley couldn't tell who called attention when he walked in, but the group was standing when he could see un-hindered.

"At Ease" Lockley ordered, "This is what we have. The Science team has transported a MALP to a ring sight on the other side of the world. The think it has something to do with the stone henge at the top of the hill. If what ever test they are doing is successful, we will be the first team to go and secure the sight. Sergeant Bishop is the team NCO. I want every one equipped and back here in 15 mikes. Airman Forsythe, you will be the S.A.W. gunner. Corpral Pumprey, make sure you get a Med kit from the medical tent."

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop nods, listening and even managing to stand at ease. He steps to the side to stop Pumprey before he gets to far, he pulls the spare med kit that the good doctor had put together. He passes it over.

"It's pretty basic, but it should do provided we don't run into to much trouble." He turns back to Lockley. "Any specifics on the site?" He had already gather a weapons load out, adding one of the recovered M-24's to the standard kit.

LT James Lockley

"There is just a few flying wild life for right now. They don't seem to be a threat. The MALP was going to investigate the gate when I left."

Note: Lockley wasn't in the room when the MALP got knocked over.

LT James Lockley

"Secure the sight and recon the area so far." The Lieutenant answers.

Sgt. Jake Bishop

"Good I like simple." He says dryly, and apparently his curiosity sated he begins doing a double check of his own equipment. Tearing his pack apart and putting it back together, checking and double checking his weapons. Particularly the M-24 that was pieced together from the orbital wreckage, it got a triple and a quadruple check. Though his whole course of action doesn't take up the whole pre-departure time, and he finds himself leaning back on a rickety table idly spinning a beaten harmonic in his hand.

Captain Micheal Wantnanbe
Lt James Lockley

The captain walks into the tent, and a marine private was the first too see him.
"Attention on deck" The private called.

Every one locked up instantly and a quick At Ease from the captain put every one back to what they were doing. A shift was moving out into the foxhole perimeter. Marines and airman were checking weapons and equipment before they left. Bishop and Lockley were double checking equipment on themselves as well as those who were on there team. Bishop had started to put the M24 back together and Lockley had just started system checking Airmain Forsythe's S.A.W.

"Command staff back in the C&C," Captain Wantanabe said when he was sure he had there attention. He turned around and left once again with Sergeant Bishop and Lieutenant Lockley right behind him.

Lt James Lockley

"All right," The Lieutenant speaks before attention can be sounded, "We have a green light. Weapons and gear check in five mikes. Get em on!"

A blur of motion is all that is scene as the away team starts pulling on L.B.E. and putting weapons together. The click of moving bolts, and weapon system checks soon follow.

"O.K. Sergeant," The Lieutenant says turning his attention back to his NCO, "I will go into the area first, your team comes next. When we secure the gate, your team will recon out to 3 klicks."


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