QRF Ready Tent

Sgt. Jake Bishop

"Sir," Bishop says abruptly, among the chaos and motion he stood perfectly still. "My team is weapons go, gear checked and packed, and check again. We are prepared to move immediately now that the window is open." His rifle across his chest, stone faced he waits for a go ahead, or a shove it soldier.

Forsythe hefts her S.A.W. and falls in behind Bishop, ready to go; the 1st class has an eager smile on her face, having grown tired of the camp since the last time the six-legged polar bears made a run. Airman Williams finishes checking his spare clips and shoves them one by one into the pouches on his belt, then shoulders his G36 and nods once to Bishop.

Moved too new location

Lt James Lockley

After the call the squad falls into a line formation in front of the Lieutenant, pulling on gear as they moved. Magazines were checked, and weapons were loaded. Sergeant Bishop and Lt Lockley did one last quick once over on the squad. A quick nod at the finish showed acceptance of the group.

"Alpha team lets go." LT Lockley calls moving towards the transporter rings.

Pumprey and Ashton jog too the transporter rings and take up position facing out of the ring’s perimeter. Lockley takes up his position a moment later looking back at the sergeant.

“Follow in fifteen seconds” was the final order before the Lockley nodded towards the ring operator. A flash and he was gone.


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