Issue #6: Grave Lunacy

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Issue #6: Grave Lunacy

Phoenix: Vancouver - Forum
D20 Modern
Estimated Members Requested: 3

All over the city, a bizarre phenomenon: gravity gone crazy! Birds fall out of the sky! Cars float into the air! Kids walk on the walls! What sinister villain lurks behind this destruction of nature's most basic law?

This game is the latest in the two-years-running adventures in Phoenix: Vancouver, a superhero game using the homebrew expansion pack, Phoenix. The game style is comic-book melodrama. If you're interested in a d20-superhero game, then join us! Games will start around the end of the month.

* * *

This game will start at 8th level with 10CP worth of powers and up to 3CP worth of Complications per level (so 24CP in total) (see the Phoenix rules). Characters should have a unified persona of some kind: a suite of powers (related by concept) and a name/costume that reflects those powers. The game has generally steered away from traditional spandex-and-cowl costumes and worked more on the pulpy end of the superhero spectrum. The violence is largely non-lethal except for Big Bad villains, and heroes generally don't use guns unless they're supertech (stun blasters, phasers, that kind of thing). I like to integrate characters into the world and into the group as much as possible, so talking about character design and making plans about how they'll interact is a big part of character creation, for me.

More info as we go!

Game Description:

Superhero adventuring in the Fabled Canadas.

This game uses my homebrew superhero expansion pack Phoenix (available here), and I have been running it for two years on the d20 Modern DB. The games tend to start with conventional superhero stories—alien invasion, supervillainous extortion, mutant monsters run amok in the city—and add an ironic twist or two. The game focuses on rescuing bystanders as much as it does defeating villains, and it maintains an active relationship between the heroes, the media that covers them, and the police (who often have to clean up after them). The game is set in Vancouver because that's my hometown.

I ran this game for a couple of years on another forum as a series of "issues," but the site doesn't exist, so issues #1 to #5 are lost (sigh), but on MythWeavers, we are up to issue #10 here. We are currently playing a "one-shot" with omega-level (read: epic) superheroes.

The Phoenix Project RPG, the free superhero expansion pack for d20 Modern.
(CC) BY-NC-SA, Orion Ussner Kidder: 2011 – 2017

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I'm intrigued, but I have a couple of questions: A) will this be the same game that you ran previously albeit different heroes? And B) how far is the campaign? Up to, or beyond the 5th issue?

We are at the beginning of Issue 6. Orion has indicated that the world will persist and he won't be recycling the old issues. It's been a pretty cool game so far. Combining the D20 Modern with the Phoenix add on seems to make for much more detailed characters that a superhero system might otherwise do. We are at the high end of crime fighters and just short of truly super, IMHO as far as power scale.

Penchant's basically right. I want to pick up more or less where the game left off on the other site. We've just gotten part-way through a game before two out of three players had to drop out because they were too busy, so I thought we'd restart that game, and I'll alter it enough that Penchant's not bored (because I don't want to waste all that planning!). The characters are currently 8th level, and I think they're roughly analogous, in terms of power level, to D&D characters of the same level, so Penchant's right again that they're currently becoming truly "super."

As far as the length of it, it's an on-going series, as it were, so it has no definable end. I have Epic rules written into Phoenix as well, so 20th level isn't even a barrier. (I'd actually love to run an epic game some time, but that's a whole other discussion.) I write the issues as we go, using the characters' back-stories as fodder for games as much as anything else, and I'm just on the cusp of bringing in a regular Rogues Gallery (it's taken this long to build up some villains to fill it). I also want to encourage as much levelling up as possible because I'm partly testing the system to see if it scales, so it'll be one level per issue, and each level comes with power upgrades.

As for where to apply... I thought this was where to apply! This will be the first time I've run a game on Myth Weavers, so you'll have to pardon me for having a wee bit of a learning curve. That reminds me as well that using the Myth Weavers on-line character sheets might become unwieldy, so if we have to, we can use Google Docs for character sheets, although I would like to try using the MW sheets to see if it works.

If you're interested in playing, Soulsbane, what kind of character do you think you might run? Ignoring the rules for minute, what kind of hero might be fun to play?

I really like the idea of a Modern Paragon and Epic level where you can actually have that D&D power creep. Keeping that in mind, my character would be a hero whose powers was stealing others. Not just copying them, but taking them. The victim would lose said superpower until I would take another power, which would return the first. Example: I steal Wolverine's healing. Wolvie can't heal. I then take Storm's power, she can't do a rain dance and now Wolverine can heal again.

I like this concept because you don't just Sponge everything, become the Über-everything. Instead, your only as super as the power you take.

If you have a specific concept in mind, I'll work with it. In the meantime, I'm happy to make a character backstory and details.

Just to be clear, I'm not proposing an Epic-level game right now. We're starting 8th level. That said, you can absolutely do the power set you're talking about. It's called Power Absorption, and it works very similarly to what you describe.

There's plenty of room on the D20 modern sheet for all the extras you get from being super. Just remember that there are a few skill consolidations (spot and listen are rolled into Observe) but that's editable within the sheet as usual.

Trying to decide if I want/can dedicate myself to a game on MythWeaver.
I'm reading your sourcebook, and I have a concept in mind. That of a dude with sidekick class and the power Duplicate Self, basically becoming his own sidekick.


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