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You can go full mecha if you take Power Armour and either make it honest-to-bob Huge and/or take Size Shift (there are rules for it). I don't have a direct "mecha" power in the game because it's not quite within the genre of American superheroes, so you have to go the long way 'round to get it.
You take that back!

I'm not saying it's never been done, but those are perfect examples of the exceptions that prove the rule. Big Guy and Rusty are clearly patterned after anime-style robots from something like Astroboy, and that Hulkbuster is so mecha it hurts. What you're seeing are the results of Japanese influences on Western media.

Now, to be clear, I have no objection to that. It just means that, whereas an RPG designed after anime/manga, like Big Eyes, Small Mouth, should absolutely have out-of-the-box mecha, a superhero game, such as mine, should have out-of-the-box power armour. You can still make mecha in Phoenix (hell, you can sorta kinda build yourself a veritech if you want to), but it takes a little more doing to make it work.

(I realize that's an English-prof answer to a jokey objection, but I gotta be me.)

Fair enough, I was thinking more along the lines of Mechwarrior, but now that I'm looking at the power armor stuff, I'm thinking I might blend that with a bit of Iron Man or something!

Welp, I started fiddling with the settings on the site, and it's slightly screwed up now.


Okay, time to start a character thread in here:

You can keep it private (just you and me) or let everyone watch the process. Up to you.

Can you remind me how saves for powers are calculated? I can't find it on the phoenix site.

10 + half your level + ability score modifier (+ misc.) = Save DC

See Power Descriptors and scroll down to Standard Saves. (If you have any suggestions for where to put that where it's more findable, let me know!)

Edit: Never mind. I just put it into the Powers table, since that's the likeliest link to jump to.

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