Seeking Middle Earth Inhabitants

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Seeking Middle Earth Inhabitants

Edge of the Wild - Forum
The One Ring
Estimated Members Requested: 20

We are seeking new players to the system as there has not been any new games started. There have already been some character creations and we are going to try and get some IC interactions going soon.

What You Need to Play
  • The One Ring (adventures of the Edge of the Wild): Adventurers Book
  • Some knowledge of the world of Middle-Earth and the novels are helpful, but not necessary.
  • Eagerness to learn a new game system.
  • A great RPing attitude.
  • You must want to have fun!

Game Description:

~Edge of the Wild~
Book 1: IntroductionTwo Dwarven messengers left the Lonely Mountain several days ago on an errand. They now seem to have disappeared in the Long Marshes. The Kingdom under the Mountain is astir, and the news quickly reaches Esgaroth.

Many have come to Lake-town in search of riches, renown, and adventure. There are rumors and quiet whispers regarding what might have happened to the dwarves. You and others seek out anyone who are in need of adventurers willing to brave the dangers that may lay in wait for those seeking the truth in the matter.

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I'd be very interested in playing. I have the book but haven't been able to play.

As a long time Tolkien fan and a medievalist, I am so on board with with this. I had a character concept for an earlier one ring game that fell through that I might use....

We are still taking applications for a second group. Not sure how many more are ready to play but post an app in the character creation thread and get to talking about Middle-earth!


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