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Privatising the Police force

I just have this image of a young executive coming up with a plan to underbid teh contract and make up the loss by consolidating bribe money at the corporate level...

There is no reason to underbid the contract. Bid fairly and take the bribe money in addition. That the way normal politicians do it.

If you underbid you are more likely to get teh contract. That is the whole point of taking it to the free market- competition lowers prices.

Mmm.... yes... this. This is my job they are talking about. The British Police are already divided between Police Officers and Civilian Staff. Officers get better pay and conditions, including pensions (for example a Police Officer can retire at 48 on a pension worth 2/3 of his salary), hence over the last few decades Police roles have gradually been turned into Civilian roles to save costs. This already includes patrolling, which is what Community Support Officers do.

Since Police Officers can only be made redundant in exceptional circumstances the Civilian Staff have borne the brunt of the recent cuts... with staff reductions of about 50% in my field. And now the plan seems to be to get rid of all the Civilian Staff and replace them with private companies.

Not quite as mad as abolishing the Forensic Science Service, but still pretty insane. And something I'm trying not to think about since it will almost certainly impact badly on me.

Did RoboCop teach us nothing?

We have artificial hands, artificial ears, full immersion VR combat training, contracted military security forces...what do you mean headed for?

Wake me up when we have motorcycles with ceramic double-rotor two-wheel disk drives, street samurai, decent AI, and common augmented reality .


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