Adventurers: the New Keep on the Borderlands Awaits!

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Adventurers: the New Keep on the Borderlands Awaits!

New Keep on the Borderlands - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (Original) + clones
Estimated Members Requested: 9

The Hook Brings You BackFor many decades, the fabled Keep on the Borderlands stood vigilant guard over the farthest reaches of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Countless times, the forces of Chaos had been driven from their caves, only to return. But at long last a mighty warrior, Norgar the Unyielding, brought to bear a great force to end the threat once and for all. Having scourged the Caverns of Chaos and eliminated the fell temple therein, he was granted nobility and title to the wild lands north of Karameikos.

Norgar built for himself a proud citadel overlooking the Iron Falls, there to retire and pass his days in the meting of justice and dispensing of wisdom. But the cycle is about to repeat itself, for just as chaos lurked in the forests beyond the original Keep, so to does darkness dwell beneath the rushing waters...

Welcome to the New Keep on the Borderlands, a Labyrinth Lord (clone of the original "Red Box" Dungeons & Dragons) adventure for six to nine level 1 adventurers. This game will follow the ancient and time-honored tradition of dungeon crawling. Savvy?

Character Creation(1) Class: Select your class first. Basic classes (Fighter, Cleric, Thief, Magic-User, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling) only.
(2) Starting level: 1
(3) Ability scores: Roll 3d6 6 times (6m3d6), in order STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA. Repeat as many times as necessary to achieve the +5% xp bonus for your prime requisite for your chosen class. You may not reorder the ability scores or use the 2-for-1 adjustment.
(4) HP: Maximum for first level. Rolled for subsequent levels.
(5) Gold: All characters start with 135gp.
(6) Alignment: Lawful or Neutral only.

Only the Core Labyrinth Lord rules will be used; the Advanced Edition Companion is not in play.
ApplicationIn addition to your character sheet, provide the following information for my amusement and to aid you and your fellow adventurers in having an enjoyable RP experience:
(1) A 1-2 paragraph background explaining who your character is and how/why they came to Norgar's Keep.
(2) A detailed physical description of your character as they would be found in a tavern.
(3) A summary description of your character as they would be found exploring the local dungeon.

Please post your application in this thread. Dice rolling can be accomplished in the game forum.
The ProcessThis advertisement will remain open until all nine spots are filled, or until March 12 if at least six spots are filled, or until March 19 if less than six spots are filled. In the last case, the party will almost certainly desire to employ some hirelings to keep losses within acceptable bounds...

Status: We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Awesome! Where we rolling Mordae? I think I am going to apply with a Cleric. Haven't played one in ages.

I've heard great things about this module, but I've never had a chance to try it out. And after the blast that was Legends of the Past, I'm totally up for another Mordae game.

I feel I see Mordae everywhere. Is it considered awkward in Myth-Weavers if you're in multiple games with the same person?

Awesome! Take me back to 13... Rolling a Thief

Alright, I'm in. Stats rolled in the appropriate place.

Mattias Lomborg the magic-user is here


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