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Make Joseph Kony infamous

I found this article and video interesting.

Basically the Kony video was shown in a town in Uganda. The locals were excited to get to see this video which is getting so many views, but end up being very upset by how it discusses the problems.


Another good article from Al-Jazeera:

Dangerous ignorance: the hysteria of Kony 2012 -

I find the conversation of misplaced or ignorant activism to be an interesting one. It's often the case that people who understand and have studied a situation get mired within the details and struggle with creating change that is too slow in its effect. Conversely, those who mobilize to rapid activity without a good understanding often find themselves stuck in a situation in which they are in way over their heads. They may evolve into the entrenched twenty-year local veteran, or they may bail for greener pastures.

It's highly ironic that the Kony 2012 video is unappealing to local Ugandans, and that a video made for their sensibilities would likely not have had such a profound effect in the West. I would prefer that the video land somewhere more in-between the two, and am curious about what effect such a video would have. Something designed to mobilize the West, but that sought to more fully educate about the broader issues of the region (and our own complicity in the problems).

Ultimately, though, the West is a society driven by narcissism. We don't really care about other cultures or societies, except where they inform us about ourselves. That may even be a human phenomenon, and not just a Western one.

Soo.. Kony is doing the same thing that the Crusades did.. and 99% of other religious wars. Convert or Die! Yea.. Adding that 'or die' to the end of it was kind of a little note that says if you don't like me and give me your money and servitude I will kill you and everyone you love, or like, or even know.

And that somehow excuses it?
"The most important thing is that no matter how little the LRA may be, it still constitutes a danger... they continue to attack and create havoc."

Mr Moussa said that soaring international interest in Mr Kony had been "useful, very important".

The AU force will have a Ugandan commander and comprise troops from Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Congo - all countries in which the LRA has operated.


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