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Cybergeneration: The Future Is in Your Hands - Forum
Ad Closes: Mar 31 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Basic Game Description of CybergenerationIf you’ve played Cyberpunk, you know the general idea of the setting but Cybergeneration adds a bit of a difference. CyberGeneration is where you play kids growing up in this world set in 2027 where those of the old Cyberpunk era failed in their mission to overthrow the power and ambitions of the Corporations. Those same corporations joined forces to become the government and you have to deal with living inside the Incorporated States of America. On top of all that, a new plague has just started sweeping the nation. It's called the Carbon Plague and it's managed to kill 10% of the population in about 6 months. This is bad enough, but kids are starting to survive the plague and the government and other corporate entities are trying to hunt them down to find a cure, or keep them quiet. Nobody really knows. There are also fanatical groups outside the boundaries of the Corporations like Final Quarantine who perceive those infected to be nothing more than evil abominations who must be destroyed by whatever means necessary. These people are hiding within the normal population and at the sign of any hint of infection they will target you. In the end, you can only run so far when it seems like everyone is out to get you, which only leaves doing your best to hide as your greatest asset for avoiding their attention.

There is a revolutionary group called the Eden Cabal that's working to change that, make the world a safer place for those who have survived the Carbon Plague. This group was formed by remnants of the old Cyberpunks who lost their own revolution against the Corporations and now they’ve set their sights on working with and training the new generation of revolutionaries to carry on the fight.

However, there are also those kids who have survived the plague gaining special abilities, who for whatever reason have joined forces with Corporations who have their own private agendas or with ISA institutions, such as the DSA, where they hunt down their own kind in the name of the ISA.

You will play characters who have been infected with the plague and will develop their own special abilities, which can be put to use however you choose because the future rests in your hands and that's quite a burden to rest on the shoulders of a kid.

Application Process & Notes
1) I'm not allowing Edgerunners, so if you only want to be an Edgerunner then please avoid this game because I prefer all the focus being on the kids.
2) For this game, we will only be using material published from the R. Talsorian Games books.
3) I’m avoiding all the mechanics of character creation at this point because my priority is having player characters who can work together without wanting to pummel each other in to the ground simply because they’re from gangs who hate each other.
4) No yogangs are off limits but don’t be surprised when you find your application being rejected simply because all the other characters would never be able to work along side you.
5) We’ll establish Cyberevolved abilities once players have been successful with their applications.
6) If you’ve never played this game before then don’t worry because the rules aren’t complicated so don’t let this deter you from applying. I, and no doubt others, will gladly accommodate newcomers to the game and will help out with any queries or problems you may have.
7) Please use the Application Discussion thread in the Applications Threadgroup on the forum to discuss how your character can work with other characters, or even tie in backgrounds, to demonstrate that your characters are capable of getting along with each other without wanting to kill each other.
8) To simplify things, the game will be starting off in a safe house that everyone managed to get to as CorpSec try to round people up while you start to feel the symptoms of the Carbon Plague. Basically along the lines of the start they provide in the book but simply fast forwarding to everyone arriving at the safe house.

To apply, please provide the following by posting a thread in the Applications Threadgroup on the game forum.

Real Name: Your character’s name (obviously).
Tag: What others call you, essentially a nickname.
Yogang: Choose which yogang you’re part of. List of yogangs available here.
Your Yogang Details: Please provide the name of your specific gang, who’s part of the gang along with brief descriptions of those people, important people within your gang including your leader, what you wear to distinguish yourself from other gangs, the sorts of things you do together, etc.
Age: Choose an age between 10 and 18 (I like to keep to double figure ages)
Character Description: Simply put, describe what you look like and what you wear. (Feel free to include a picture)
Character Background: Your life and no need to skimp on the details of how pitiful your life is in this world. After all, it’s not supposed to be a warm and fuzzy setting. Family life, school life, how you joined your gang, why you joined your gang, what made you perceive the ISA as your enemy and all the other fun things about your life. Then in a bit more detail, please state what you were doing on the night that CorpSec forces staged a raid in the area and how you managed to avoid CorpSec and make it to the safe house while starting to feel the effects of the Carbon Plague that has infected you. Feel free to describe your own symptoms while trying to make it to the safe house.
Writing piece: Just to get an idea and feel for your character by providing an ‘in character’ written piece that you feel demonstrates your character.

Anything else then feel free to ask.

Game Description:

Incoming Transmission from an unknown source………

“I’m sure you’ve all heard about Cyberpunk, the dark future, the Corporations, the advanced technology, the Cyberware, the Netrunning, the constant fighting and never knowing whether today will be the last, living the life people have probably often thought about for a change of scenery. There are no morals for those people, just the need to live and they'll do any job for the right price and living life to the full with that hard earned cash. The Corporations with their resources started a war on this country all in the name of power; that wasn’t the future people wanted so they took those skills of theirs and accepted the declaration of war to fight fire with fire. It was the age of the Revolutionaries against the Corporate menace. But maybe you haven’t heard all the details because History is a malleable subject where truth dies with those who hold it and only the victors write the events of History as they wash away the blood of those who fought and died for their beliefs in to the realms of non-existence but I have seen it all and those memories still haunt me to this day.”

“The Corporations are now fully in charge so welcome to the Incorporated States of America of the year 2027 where the Corporations tell you how to live your lives. Sure, crime rates are down as Corporations clamp down on all trouble makers, which may be a good thing but they are now the dictators that control every aspect of all our lives, which people live without question and obey the machine without thinking. Remember all that rebelling against the Corporations for the good ol’ American dream, well that dream has been thrown out the window. Where there were once Cyberpunks livin’ on the edge taking on the Corporations that threatened their country, their country decided to classify them as fugitives while Cyberware has been made illegal unless you’ve been authorised to use it by the state. The power is truly in the hands of the Corporations and they aim to keep the people in their place in this dark future. Don’t worry though, all ISA citizens out there are still livin’ the same lifestyle as the good ol’ days, within reason of course, to earn the cash and have the fun in the way that suits them because in the end it’s still only about them, like others really matter in this world. Sometimes, things just never change but maybe one day they will but hope is like a fading dream and every day I struggle to hold on to it.”

“The world of the Cyberpunk isn’t exactly your world though. You may have been born in to this world but from your perspective, things aren’t quite the same as the Cyberpunks of old. You’re just kids, you were raised by people with a severe lack of parenting skills who were more concerned with themselves and their lives to give you the attention you need as they work all day to earn cash only to blow it all for a good night out after too. You’ve grown up mainly raising yourselves, being allowed to run free where the streets have become your life and the gangs you’ve formed with others like you are your true family. You see things from your own perspective, you live in the world the ISA can’t control, you see what the ISA has done to this country, your parents are nothing but zombies obeying the whims of the state. You’re not like your parents though, they’ve given up on everything and the mantle of the old Cyberpunk has fallen upon you, the new generation who have once again accepted the declaration of war. The Revolution is now in your hands, the future isn’t something that’s given to you, it’s something you fight for and you’ve chosen to fight for a future without the Corporations. That sets the bar high for a kid and you don’t have the skills of those old Cyberpunks but you do what you can given the circumstances. I rest my hopes in your hands now but maybe where I can see only darkness you can be the light that shines upon a brighter future for all of us.”

“Then there’s the nanotechnology plague sweeping the nation that effectively mutates kids like yourselves to give them special abilities and the stage is set for the Revolution to take hold on a new frontier. Just a shame that it’s only kids that mutate, adults either die or nothing changes and that gives you the edge you need, an edge that no Cyberpunk ever had and that’s what makes you the Cybergeneration and that is why you’re Public Enemy Number 1 to the ISA.”

“Welcome to the frontier, also known as Night City. Not the greatest of places in the country, but then again nowhere in this country seems to be great for anyone unless you’ve been brainwashed by the state. Anything can be done in this city for the right price but one thing the state and the Corporations have is the money to buy everything they need in order to hunt you down. Nobody cares, everyone is only concerned with themselves as they are led to believe by the state that everyone could be an enemy and to keep watch as the air is filled with the scent of fear and paranoia created by the state controlled media corporations. To live is simple, but you already know the rules of the game in this place so I’ll leave you with the only words I can offer you. Don’t die for the sake of us all.”

End of Transmission...........

"Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory. "
Sun Tzu
Oh wow. I've only been in one Cyberpunk game (with Cirlot and Panya, BTW), but it ended up being truly fabulous. Maybe in the top half dozen gaming experiences I've ever had. As a result, this world now holds a very big spot in my heart. How can I not consider applying?

Thank you for offering to run this, Matty!

Lemme go see what I can come up with.

Time to dust off that Cybergen book..I know I have it around here some where..

Originally Posted by Kansas View Post
Time to dust off that Cybergen book..I know I have it around here some where..
That's why I want to get the game some more attention. I hate to see a good setting go to waste.

Since I'm running a Cybergeneration game at my local gaming club, it occurred to me that there should be more Cybergeneration games everywhere while I was in the process of preparing some stuff for it. Maybe a biased opinion, ok definitely a biased opinion, I just think it's great and one of the best settings ever with a lot of scope and potential. Luckily, the people who have been playing in it have also enjoyed the setting and playing as kids with abilities. Especially as I hadn't touched the book in so many years myself.

Before that, the last game I ran went a bit wrong. I'm all for trying to avoid railroading player characters and giving them the freedom to do whatever they want but when player characters aren't getting the hint that staging an assault on the Corporate HQ of Arasaka is a bad idea they quickly found themselves in a messy situation and it effectively ruined everything I had planned. I then had to spend the next few days trying to work out how I could recover from the player characters being held captive by Arasaka in order to continue what I had planned for the game. In the end, it all somehow escalated out of control when the player characters accidentally set off a biochemical weapon in the street because they were forced to do a job for Arasaka, except following orders wasn't their strong point. All because one character somehow managed to convince the others that it would be easy to simply storm the front doors of the Corporations and overpower them. It was a most interesting end to a game.

Never played Cyberpunk but this sounds like a cool setting, definitely want to try my hand at applying. I'll read up on it before I make an app, but how necessary is it that I have the book(s)?

Originally Posted by teronist View Post
Never played Cyberpunk but this sounds like a cool setting, definitely want to try my hand at applying. I'll read up on it before I make an app, but how necessary is it that I have the book(s)?
It's not necessary. I have the books and no doubt other players applying here will also have books so between all of us, helping people out with rules and stuff shouldn't be a problem, especially as the rules seem to have been designed to keep things as simple as possible. The rest is the setting, which is easy enough to get a feel for from reading material online.

Corporations rule, money speaks, if you speak out against the ISA the chances are you'll probably disappear during the night from a raid by government controlled forces never to be seen again and nobody will notice you've gone. Power, corruption and greed are the name of the game as those in power play their games and keep the people where they belong. The people in power rule by fear and manipulation. People are simply just trying to get on with their lives as they're led to believe that President Whindam (A Corporate) is making the country a better and safer place doing his best to protect them. The government and corporations all have personal armies and lots of vehicles and equipment they will happily use because they can. Where innocents die, the media will portray it all in favour of the government, etc. All that sort of fun. The ISA have eyes and ears in many places constantly monitoring people. Even the people themselves are watching each other due to the fear and paranoia created by the media because there are many enemies out there and the ISA need your help in protecting this country from those who would do it harm. Nanotech mutated kids aren't just kids with abilities, they're monsters and parasites, a plague that needs to be dealt with and if you, as a good ISA citizen, don't turn them in then your life is in danger and, after all, it's not like the ISA plan to do horrible things to anyone, they just want to help these kids. (Yeah right)

If you want the specifics and details then I'll be more than happy to provide them, once I'm at home with the book in front of me.

I'd like to think that the fact that I looked at this game first when I started looking around for a new game shows that I have good taste and not that I'm subconsciously stalking you, Isannah, but even I think it's stretching coincidence a bit. Then again, it could be your fault for getting to all the awesome games before I do... anyway, new to the system, but more than willing to learn. Posting definite interest.

I'd like to try and recycle Leon, with maybe a few tweaks. I think I learned for my last game that using "I stab it" as a response to anything and everything isn't very conducive to a good group dynamic.

Originally Posted by Zeruel View Post
I'd like to try and recycle Leon, with maybe a few tweaks. I think I learned for my last game that using "I stab it" as a response to anything and everything isn't very conducive to a good group dynamic.
It can do. The MegaViolent in my current group has caused a few headaches but he still seems to get along with the others. Although, he does seem to be a bit more of a softy compared with your average Mega. In the first gaming session, the MegaViolent and his buddies mugged an old granny and killed her. Everyone seems to like hanging with our GoGanger because wherever he goes he alters the prices of the things he buys and confuses the staff. Although the GoGanger did burn down a block of flats killing innocent lives, although in his eyes they weren't innocent. Then we have the Goth who keeps the party in check by making everyone cower in fear every time someone disagrees with her. She's caused a few deaths herself when people have gotten in her way because she doesn't like anyone talking back at her, even if they're just an average citizen. I've had to bend the setting a few times in order to accommodate the large scale scenes that have been caused all in the name of following my story. The GoGanger is constantly accessing security cameras and alterng the footage, at least until the MegaViolent knocked him out one time while causing a scene that the GoGanger could do nothing about. A very chaotic bunch but they seem to have an interesting group dynamic while stabbing, punching and killing anything or anyone that seems to look at them the wrong way. Now, imagine a scene where the MegaViolent is having a one-on-one fight just for the sake of proving strength in a little test. The MegaViolent killed the boy, then in a moment of shock and panic, slaughtered everyone else in the room because they may have attacked him in response to the boy's death. It was entertaining.


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