Dark Heresy Tales

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Dark Heresy Tales

Dark Heresy Tales - Forum
Dark Heresy
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A Warhammer 40k RPG game.

Game Description:

As Acolytes you arrive on the fetid backwater Hive Planet of Fenksworld with response to reports of strange and brutal deaths. Upon arriving you are plunged into a cat and mouse game that will forever change the Planet of Fenksworld. Someone is killing the Hive's Nobility and your team has come across documents that will ensure the safety of the Calixis Sector from invasion of Xeno Forces. Plunging deep into the recesses of this damned city, you must avoid death at all cost as the Xeno Forces work with human underbelly cabals to severe the ties of this world from the rest. Nothing is as it seems. There is the help of the rebellion that does not adhere to Xeno rule. They want nothing except for you to succeed. But this is not all, there are other Xeno Forces at work here, the race against time to find the essence of what they both value and what you do not.

Character Creation Per DH Rulebook
Starting Rank 1
400xp to start
Books allowed
Inquisitors Handbook
DH Handbook
Any other books must be approved by me with what you want to use being referenced.

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hmm... good question... I'll set up a forum for character sheets in a second.

Roll and then arrange.

Character Sheet was moved to Character Sheet Folder. All that is needed is a nice background. So the GM and can try to write you a story arc.

Maybe i should try this... before condemning it too out of hand...

How many months income? 1? 0?

Does the 1000 replace the starting income? Thinking of playing noble born.


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