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Dark Heresy Tales

Dark Heresy Tales - Forum
Dark Heresy
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A Warhammer 40k RPG game.

Game Description:

As Acolytes you arrive on the fetid backwater Hive Planet of Fenksworld with response to reports of strange and brutal deaths. Upon arriving you are plunged into a cat and mouse game that will forever change the Planet of Fenksworld. Someone is killing the Hive's Nobility and your team has come across documents that will ensure the safety of the Calixis Sector from invasion of Xeno Forces. Plunging deep into the recesses of this damned city, you must avoid death at all cost as the Xeno Forces work with human underbelly cabals to severe the ties of this world from the rest. Nothing is as it seems. There is the help of the rebellion that does not adhere to Xeno rule. They want nothing except for you to succeed. But this is not all, there are other Xeno Forces at work here, the race against time to find the essence of what they both value and what you do not.

Character Creation Per DH Rulebook
Starting Rank 1
400xp to start
Books allowed
Inquisitors Handbook
DH Handbook
Any other books must be approved by me with what you want to use being referenced.

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Hm. Should I play my gunslinger Scum, or my former-Commisar Psyker?

Originally Posted by EpicWizard View Post
Can I take the Banisher class from Daemon Hunter? I have my Hive Born Cleric almost done.
I think the GM and I are pretty much on the same page with this...that this game will primarily be based on an Ordos Xenos Acolyte Team. Sorry we are going to disallow the Banisher, but your Cleric centered around Hive based stats is cool. See if there is anything else more befitting. Not that their wont be Daemons but more heavily focused on Xenos.

Originally Posted by Tracers2 View Post
Maybe i should try this... before condemning it too out of hand...

How many months income? 1? 0?

Does the 1000 replace the starting income? Thinking of playing noble born.
No months income as of yet, just the starting 1000 throne gelts. This will help outfit the individual characters needs a lot more than a monthly income. Although we are well aware of monthly income, if this game were to progress into months time through storyline than we could see awarding the individual as well as the team more thrones. You may sell back starting gear and outfit yourself with better equipment but at the cost of combined starting thrones and selling price. I guess what Im trying to say, and I'm sure you could follow is that in a play by post game that I have personally run, the game is nearing a 1000 posts and we still havent gotten through a single 24hr period. I guess its just narrative time vs real time.

Originally Posted by Hunterindarkness View Post
Another question. Are we allowed a reroll of one stat? I do not think DH has that rule.
Yes, Dark Heresy shares the same rule for rerolling one stat of your choice. Please do so.

Originally Posted by Raveled View Post
Hm. Should I play my gunslinger Scum, or my former-Commisar Psyker?
Well there are advantages to either class, but being a Scum on a hive world begs for opportunity, and being a Psyker has it's advantages with manipulating the warp and bring some extra dimension to the game. We would like to see what you can come up with.

Yeap no real need for daemons at this point, because the story will mostly focus on fighting human heretics, xenos cultists, traitor guardsmen and xenos enemies.

As for money, expect to find newish stuff too. I like to hand out gear and what not as the game goes on, and considering the story a month in game might never come as time is on the line.

Also for some background info I created a small introduction in the form of a circulated data slant by a Guard Corporal about the turn of events before the story starts. More such data slants will become available and be apart of the over-all background story.

Dramacydle told me about this game. I will try to have an application up soon. I was thinking of making an Adept.

Oh, when is the closing date for this ad?

I've just finished creating my excessively cautious Void Born Tech-Priest--who would prefer to stay in the side lines with the Adept(s), rather than joining the fray of battle--and will put the stats in an application tomorrow after some sleep.


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