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Building an Essentials Thief

Building an Essentials Thief

Hi I'm building an essentials thief and I would love to get some input from some of the experts here. It's my first character I'm going halfling due to the extras in dex and charisma.

I'm looking to build a melee thief.

Its a 22 point buy

I was looking at either:

18 Dex (20 with +2 total of +5
14 Char ( 16 with +2 total of +3
11 Wis
10 Strength
10 Constitution
8 Intelligence

Or, a more well rounded character

18 Dex (same as above
13 Strength (+1 focus on melee)
12 Wis (+1)
11 Charisma (13 with +2 = +1)
10 con
8 int

The first build focuses on role playing more than roll playing which seems to fit PbP (this is my first D&D game EVER not just PbP). The second fits my desire to melee a bit more.

Outside of that Looking at skills
Thievery Stealth Acrobatics Perception and Bluff will all be trained

For my 4th and final skill I'm torn between
1. Athletics (would fit strength well if I went with a second build)
2. Insight (This fits role playing better)

I will be taking streetwise as my extra skill at level 2 because it fits my character background.

Level 1 Rapier
Level 2 Light Blade Expertise
Level 4 Backstabber
Level 6 Nimble Blade
Level 8 The world.

I'm leaning towards the role playing character (+3 char) and insight vs. well rounded and Athletics...

But wanted to get some other opinions.

The charisma is really only good for Bluff and maybe some of the powers. Depending on if you want to go agile or not would determine if you want to put the extra points into strength. Also consider until you get the feat that puts your basic melee attacks via dex (not powers), you will be relying on strength to make any hits. Either Athletics or Insight would do you well, though if you're an agile more than being witty I would think Athletics. It would also depend on what powers you want to take as to what build you will do, some powers take the bonus from strength as well as the one from dex.

Actually, the Essentials Thief gets an ability called Weapon Finesse, which lets them use their Dexterity for Melee Basic Attacks anyways. They don't really get the usual bevy of Rogue attacks and rely on move actions to pump up their basic attacks.

As such, I wouldn't worry about pumping up your strength, unless you intend to use a lot of Athletics.

Heya, Ariakas! Were you able to figure out the stat block formatting?

Remember in 4E that your ability scores are paired with one of your Non-AC Defenses (NADs): Str/Con to Fortitude Defense, Dex/Int to Reflex, and Wis/Cha to Will. For the build points you're dumping into the 18 base Dex, you can pump some of your other ability scores. Reference [Asmor's 4E Ability Score Calculator] to play around with your ability array. Mechanically, the +1 to attack, damage, AC, Reflex, and Dex-based skills may sound like a great idea, but the effective penalty to your other skills and abilities makes for a harsh trade-off. I'm not saying don't do it - definitely build your character as you wish - but take a few minutes to play around with the array and see what happens.

From there, I find it best to define a concept. What kind of rogue are you? If you take a look at the skill tricks, you can see there are many options, and all of them play differently.

I'll also give a bit of advice for pBp gaming: The format lends itself to a lot of ROLE playing regardless of the system. If you're going to use Intelligence as a dump stat, make sure you're rogue is properly portrayed as slow on the uptake. Low Int/high Cha may be a likeable guy that's not very bright (think of a stereotypical "party blonde").

Insider tip: Sillaric tends to run character-rich games. While your mechanical build will be important, be sure to pay attention to your character's, well, character as well.

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