Come hunt Monsters! e6

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Come hunt Monsters! e6

The Hunters Guild - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This game runs under the E6 rules. Which can be found HERE
All characters start level 2.
You may be Human, Dwarf or Elf. That's it.
There are no caster types, everyone has the opportunity to learn spells of both divine and arcane origin, however this is done differently from the norm, more details will be in the "special rules" thread, check this thread regularly, since you will discover rules often.
Starting gold is 250gp
If it isn't a core text, run it by me before you use it for your character.
No Psions (Yet...)
Stats are 32 point buy.
Decipher Script is a class skill for everyone.

I'll be taking six players on at first, most missions will be individual but you are to feel free to team up and split the rewards. Also feel free to mingle in the guild IC!
Also I highly recommend you read the Special Rules thread as it contains a lot of important information for the game.
If the game does well I'll be looking for Co-DMs to spread the load allowing more games to operate at any one time!

Game Description:

In the city of Akhara there is a nondescript building.
It looks like a medium sized bunkhouse, a travel stop for the average Joe, the swinging sign out front says "The Tattered Devil".
However it seems to have the same patrons all the time and they are indeed an odd and dangerous looking bunch, wielding weapons that seem odd at best, useless at worst. Always muttering charms and talking about fairytales.
No-one really bothers with the Tattered Devil of its patrons, unless they have a problem. A very specific problem. A monster problem.

For the tattered Devil is the front for the hunters guild. They quietly keep the denizens of Akhara safe from the evil just out of sight and battle seemingly impossible foes, for a price.

Whatever the reason, you find yourself joining the ranks of the hunters, welcome to the guild.

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Sounds very interesting.

What sort of posting rate are you looking for? Any certain way you want character applications formatted (Appearance, personality, background, etc.) or just short and sweet character sheets?

Posting rate is pretty variable, since it will mostly be lots of solo missions I won't mind how often you post so long as its reasonable (once a week at least?)
If you are in a teamed up mission then be sure to post at a rate suitable for your partner and of course, if you are in the main IC hub of the guild, try not to leave people hanging, if you are going to be off for a few days, make your character unavailable as opposed to sitting at the bar ignorant to the outside world for a solid week.

As opposed to formats, I leave that open ended as not to stifle creativity, the more information the better though, I like reading characters :P

Alright, what sort of deadline you looking at to close applications? Or is this more a "first come, first serve" thing?

It's more of a "If I like you your in" sorta thing. Though there will only be six places to start, so if your too slow you will miss the first opening.

you apply ion the character thread, if i think the characters up to scratch i'll give you your own private journal thread and you can start interacting with the world, once the guilds IC thread is up you can check out job boards and chat with any fellow hunters.

You can count me in, cant remember the last time I've been apart of a barely kept secret organization.

Always welcome
Just make an application into the character thread and we'll see if your character is built of the right stuff :P


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