The Hidden Coast - Rerecruiting

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The Hidden Coast - Rerecruiting

The Hidden Coast - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Summary: My longest running game, The Hidden Coast, has run into a string of problems and now only two players remain. Recently hired by a mysterious wizard after saving some villagers by a small coastal town, the party has found themselves exploring a dungeon full of a tribe of mad kobolds and searching for the tomb of an ancient, evil spellcaster.

What I am looking for: 2 to 4 more players to join up with the group to join them in their quest as they explore the dungeon!

Some possible ideas for possible characters include, but are not limited to:
- A villager who went exploring the area and found themselves kidnapped by the kobolds! Now awaiting sacrifice, the party is their only hope for rescue!
- A big game monster hunter/paladin/something who heard about the ogre guarding the cave dungeon, and has tracked it to the entrance only to find out the party's already killed it.
- An apprentice of Samnang the wizard, sent to spy on the party and report back information.
- A villager who dreams of becoming an adventurer and followed the party.

I'd like at least one divine spellcaster/healer type character, but any other type of character is fine as well.

Character creation:
Character applications go in this thread.
Sources: Core-ish Pathfinder material only - stuff from the PRPG, APG, Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat is fine. Stuff from random regional sourcebook #37 isn't.
Level: 3
Hit Points: Max at first level, average for level 2 and 3
Gold: 1000 gp
Races: Common ones only please
Alignment: No restriction on alignment, however, if you have to ask, "should I play this character?" then you probably shouldn't.
Stats: 20 point buy.
Background: Interesting background information is always a plus. What led your character to meeting the party?

Game Description:

Far to the west, across the Dry Sea, lies "civilization," the Western Kingdoms; a land of constant warring and strife. Over the years, many have braved the journey to the east to begin life anew in the Hidden Coast. The Hidden Coast - a land covered in fog and long shrouded in mystery. Sheltered from the western kingdoms by the hostile Dry Sea and the imposing peaks of the Windswept Mountains, the Hidden Coast is land said to be untamed and uncivilized. To the south lie the jungles and secluded city states of the Three Seas. To the north, tale has been spread far and wide of a harsh and inhospitable land at the peak of the world and the wild barbarians who live there.

But the Hidden Coast is not so different from other places. Here, farmers and villagers live out their lives in small, isolated towns and communities. Merchants travel the roads, rivers, and coasts, ever wary of bandits, pirates, and monsters.

At dawn I'll face the edge of thorns

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I'm interested in playing but I haven't played much pathfinder before, assuming it is similar to the 3.5 system I should be able to pick it up pretty quickly.

Pathfinder is 90% similar to 3.5 - the main differences are the class/race abilities are a little different, some changes/consolidations in skills, and trip/disarm/grapple/etc are handled a little differently

The point buy system is a little different, too - 20 is a quite decent number

psst... there is a pathfinder RPG tag, so you don't actually have too use the d&d 3.5 tag.

But aside from that, I could trow something together real quick for ya.

One is a quiet fighter, the other is a chatty rogue noble with some magic power

Brutish and rude dwarven battle cleric on the horizon! Yay for playing characters with absolutely no filter. XD

Always liked pathfinder. Think I'll roll up a paladin. Or maybe a Druid...


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