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The Dashing Swordsman Home Brew

Ok the way you describe fancy footwork makes me think of a movie, like the three musketeers, more specifically when they are all fighting the cardinal's men and they walk through the crowd and attack.

1. I understand, there are somethings that it naturally seems to apply to and not others. I had been thinking about it as they get lucky. Beginner's luck of sorts. Like, for example, a rogue who knows how to pick a lock, aka 1 rank, gets lucky with the flair ability. With the cap and other abilities riding on the amount of flairs you have in your daily total, I figured that being lucky can happen more often for this class than others. Though when I start to run a test game with this, the truth behind whether or not it fitting into the game should come out.

4. Yea thats true, lets leave the saves as they are then.

3. Sorry, I was not suggesting that it would undo uncannny dodge, the character would still have to hit the NPC's armor class with Dex still added, but the extra damage would still count. That is extra damage from this ability, not from sneak attack, or anything else like sneak attack. Does that make sense?

You should keep in mind that the Factotum already has an ability similar to Flair, that essentially lets you treat a skill you have ranks in as max ranked when you spend points to do so. So, if that's what you're going for, there's already a template to go off of.

Dungeonscape. But I do have some revisions that I am eager to share.

The following abilities now read:

1. Flair: The Dashing swordsman's key ability is presentation, if it looks good, then it works, at least for the Dashing swordsman. Whether in combat or in a social setting, the ability to add a flair to the situation can mean a victory or defeat. At level 1 when making a check involving a skill in which you have at least 1 rank, you can spend 1 allotted use of the flair ability to gain a bonus on the check equal to your Dashing swordsman level. You can use this ability once per day for a particular skill. The flair ability also serves other class features. This ability may only be used equal to their charisma score plus 4.

2. Bitting Banter: Dashing swordsmen are adept at using witty banter to distract and discourage opponents. After successfully feinting, a dashing swordsman may make an attack equal to his attack bonus plus his charisma modifier. The swordsman may add his dashing swordsman level in addition to his Strength bonus to the damage he deals on that attack, this only works when the Dashing Swordsman hits a foe with a weapon to which you can apply the Weapon Finesse feat. Dashing swordsmen may only use this ability once a number of times equal to his Charisma Modifier plus half his dashing swordsman level per day. At Level 6, the Dashing swordsman has become so witty that he may feint as a free action. Special: Even if the feinting does not succeed in causing a character to be Flat-Footed, they are still susceptible to the extra damage, but not Sneak Attack Damage.

3. Heroic Heart: The Dashing Swordsman now receives a bonus equal to half his Dashing Swordsman class levels on saves vs. any mind-affecting effect.

4. Dramatic Entrance: Dashing Swordsman have incredible timing, and can arrive at a battle in the nick of time. They are given a surprise round upon entering the battle, upon a successful flair check. A dashing swordsman may make a flair check with a bonus equal to his dashing swordsman level plus his charisma bonus. The Dashing swordsmen may add his base ranks in Perform to the roll. This gives them a bonus to their initiative on the 1st round of battle if they beat a flair check of 10 + the challenge CR. They gain an initiative bonus of +1 per 3 ranks in a skill which could be used for the entrance, such as climb, jump, or tumble.

I am working on fancy footwork, but I like Greyfeld's idea on this one, so I want to polish it up a bit.

Ok I have an update.

Fancy Footwork: The Dashing Swordsman uses a flair attempt and tumbles at full speed, provoking no attacks of opportunity while doing so. At any point during the tumble, the swordsman may make one attack with his melee weapon at a -4 penalty against a target that is in range. For every 5 points he beats the tumble DC by, the attack penalty is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of zero). He may continue moving after the tumble has ended as long as he has not moved his maximum move speed this turn. The Dashing Swordsman may attack using this ability a number of times per round equal to the number of attacks he receives from his BAB. This effect can be used at will.

I have not found a better way to state this, so I have been thinking about trying it out in the test game to see if it will work the way I thought it would.

Also I have an updated PDF of all the lovely input that we have have been talking about. So I suppose this will be draft 2? I still feel like there is something perhaps missing, an element from the class. Bah, I am sure it will come to me.
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Don't forget the immunity to damage from broken glass. I mean, if you're ripping off OotS, at least do it with style.

As per the Gameing Discussion Guide - linked with its own button - Homebrew material should be posted in the Wiki, where it can be better displayed and revision can be tracked more easily.

Creating a thread to discuss the material - with a link to the relevant MW Wiki page - is fine, of course.


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