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Mad World - D20 Apocalypse

Mad World - Forum
D20 Modern
Ad Closes: Apr 14 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

This advertizement is for a mad-max style D20 apocalypse setting game. All character build information is on the forum. Please submit applications there in a thread with your character's name as the title.

The premise is that some great apocalyptic event has occurred that wiped out most of humanity. What remains is a shattered race on the verge of extinction. The setting is not as desperate as movies like The Road, feeling more similar to Mad Max or The Book of Eli.

There are different settlements of people still living. Some have figured out ways to rebuild, others are desperate cannibals.

Please include a background story for your submission format. Since it's a first level game, I expect a completed character sheet, sans atts, to be considered for submission.

Game Description:

The year is 2085. Nuclear war has ravaged most of the planet leaving pockets of humans clinging to survival. There are those that try and rebuild and those that revel in the destruction. Where do you stand?

If the reference to the Gary Jules song wasn't enough...

...I'll get to work on something.

I also sent a PM to a post-apoc aficionado of the Weave. I'm not sure 'plays' as much as he 'GMs', but I thought he'd care to see this.

Does the world remember any type of political map? Would this game be based in America or someplace else, for the sake of consistent fluff on character concept?

Yeah I guess I should have specified that this was taking place in the north american continent. America doesn't really exist anymore, but geographically that's where it's located.

Oddly enough, I think I'll revamp a character I intended to use in a novel for this game. It might help me better understand exactly what I wanted to do with him in the first place.

Count me as interested too! Alas I'm on a mini-vaction and can only putter with my app till next Wed. But after that..!! :-)

Tentative interest - geographically speaking are we looking at post-apoc life in the remains of a flooded costal city, the barren stretches of asphalt and nuclear glass that once was the great planes and highcountry or the brutal conditions of Death Valley? And is there a presumption that the characters will all be local to where the game is starting, or is the lone wandering (warrior/scholar/traveller) trope in full effect here?

I am certainly interested in this concept. I'll look into all the info you've given us, and decide on what direction I want to take my character.

A couple of questions:

1. Are you using d20 PA trade units or is there a money system of some kind in place?
2. What's your tolerance for "mutie" characters? Ie: are mutations allowed?


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