The League - 1920's Supers

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The League - 1920's Supers

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This campaign is set in 1920's Chicago, you are a person whose 'special' skills and abilities have caught the eyes of important people. These people are the Mafia, and the mysterious group only known as The Purple.

This campaign will be a double run, meaning, I am running two different yet similar campaigns with this theme, one here as a PbP, and one elsewhere, both will be using this Obsidian Portal for info.

Game Description:

The place, Chicago, the year, 1923. You are one among several people approached by a man in a grey pinstripe suit, he told you that his boss had a job for you, something only you could do. So now, here you are sitting in a waiting room with several other people, waiting for your turn to be called in by the heart faced young woman who seemed to be a secretary of sorts.

The woman comes out the door in the back, she smiles as she looks at you, "Please come to the back, the Boss will see you now," she says simply.

You follow her to the back room, it's very dark in there, with only the light of a lite cigar glowing in the hand of the rooms single occupant, "Welcome," says a rough gravelly voice, "My name's Capone, and from now on, you're working for me."

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Sounds interesting... but is the 15 points a typo? seems a little on the low side for a supers game

it was sort of, I was first thinking to put 150, and then decided to put 200 guess i never finished that train of thought

OK cool, so how do you want applications? here or on another forum? Do you want full character sheets or just a description to start with?

Reviewed and reopened. Carry on.

The concept interests me a great deal but a few questions. Will the campaign be appropriate for someone relatively new to PBEM? Will you be going for a Pulp feel (The Shadow, the Phantom etc.)? Would I be better off buying a copy of GURPS-Super or will be the basic game be enough for character generation?


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well, seeing as how it will be my first time doing PbP myself, I'd say yes to the first.

as to the second, I honestly have no idea what Pulp is like to tell the truth, I don't know what style I'm going for really because I don't have a term for it.

and as to the second, the basic game won't be enough, but as I keep saying, don't worry about the books, I can provide them.

I don't think I'll be allowing magic, for the simple reason that I'm unfamiliar with magic in gurps, and don't want to include it just yet, I may incorporate it later on, but not now.


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