Re-recruiting for Hammer of Daemons

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Re-recruiting for Hammer of Daemons

Hammer of Daemons - Forum
Dark Heresy
Estimated Members Requested: 1

I am looking for 1-2 DH players.

The previously stated character creation rules apply

Game Description:

Hammer of Daemons is a Ascension Level Dark Heresy and Grey Knight game set in the Koronus Expanse.

This is an game that requires frequent and heavy posting for all to enjoy.
I am look for 2-4 players to join three that are already part of this game world.
The focus of this game will center around an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor and his loyal Throne Agents along with attached forces of the Grey Knights as the both establish the Inquisitions presence in the Koronus Expanse and free it of daemonic influence to make way for further expansion of the Emperor's realm.
The players will be in command of a powerful Grey Knight Strike Cruiser as the bring the light of the Emperor to its darkest regions

The current game timeline is 817.M41

The following books are allowed:
Daemon Hunters
Deathwatch (GK only)
Rites of Battle (GK only)
First Founding (GK only)
Dark Heresy Core
Inquisitor's Handbook
Book of Judgement
Dark Heresy Ascension
Blood of Martyrs
Latest Errata of all books

Other books are not allowed. The Team already has an Inquisitor so please no suggestions from that area. Please nothing from Rogue Trader nor from any other books listed.

There are some specific changes to skills, talents, traits and psychic power use. Those will be noted in there own post.
There are equipment price changes as well do to the setting.

Any other questions please feel free to ask.

I'm going to jump in right now and say I'll roll up a Grey Knight character (Been wanting to play one from the moment I got Daemon hunters). Do you want us to post apps in the relevant game thread?

I would Happy but I am full on my GK quota. I am looking to fluff out the Agent side of the team. Those I will gladly take from you.

Do'h. Oh well, will put a agent sheet together. is it a basic level 9 ascension character? Also looking at your throne agent thread you seem to have a full team (but I'm guessing you've had some drop outs) so who's still left?

Well I'm slowly working my way through building up my primaris psyker (though the stat roll are truly horrendous).

What rank? Beginning acension level 9?

I do see in the game forum you have 13,500 xp listed - I assume that is staying the same?
Must purchase Ordo Malleus Retinue.

Are you allowing any of the characters to have a leaning towards any of the factions (Xanthite, Istvaanians, etc)?

Skull-Level 9, xp is staying the same and the Ordo Malleus Retinue must be taken. Nothing out of the radicals handbook.

OK apps up, just got to add any gear purchases but otherwise done.


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