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Character Class: Puppet Master

Character Class: Puppet Master

As the title suggests I'm going to ask the wonderful world of Myth-Weavers what they think of a character class I've created recently. I'm open to suggestions and the like just don't be murderously critical, alright~?

Puppet Master:

As per Moderator wish, this thread shall be used for discussion as the Puppet Master Class has been successfully added to the Wiki. As stated previously, the spells are nowhere near completion given the large amount available throughout all the D&D books. Consideration should be taken if this class is ever used within a game to what spells shouldn't and should be allowed to be used, as I cannot and probably won't go through every book nitpicking which ones I find perfect for usage.

In accordance to that items and spells that would otherwise assist a Bard in his Bardic Music attempts should also be considered. I will eventually compile a list of such items to reflect this, but it will no doubt be a steady wait for a 'full' list.


Added Puppet Mastery fix to be treat like Bardic Music
Added Table for puppets to bolster up as the Puppet Master does not unlike Druid/Ranger etc.
Removed Initiative mechanic along with the Puppet Master conceivably being stuck in place during his turn and after.
Removed a few spells that didn't quite fit.
Changed Spells per/day table.
Added 1st Level Feature: Artisan's Den
6/28/2012: Finalizing addition for Human Puppet Creation
7/2/2012: Fixed Puppet HD progression and Limitation of Power
7/7/2012: Clarified Strangulation rules with Razorwire/Marionetter's Hands

hmm...interesting. I designed a similiar prestige class under the same name. it however allows for puppets made out of specific materials, each of which giving certain bonuses. it also allows for certain spell-like-abilities to be given to the puppet do to things crafted into it(such as certain gemstones as eyes allowing specific ray attacks). at tenth level, the character can, in a sense, unleash 5 free-to-move 'puppets' that are small size. by combining three features(one which allows free movement, one that uses the mirror image spell, and another that enlarges the puppet).

I like your idea. It works well. However, the term 'Master' doesn't seem appropriate with a base class

i also find that, in the event my friend finds that prestige class listing in his notebook, that i could, at one point or anotheruse this arcane spellcasting classfocused on puppets to become an epic puppeteer

I suppose Master doesn't? xD
I'm not against renaming it, perhaps Puppet Enthusiast or even Dancer would be appropriate but as it was the first thing to pop into my head while designing this it simply stuck. I had, at one point, considered giving the puppets their own moves and attacks alongside the PM and his other puppets but I found that quickly becoming overpowered in the long run. For if I had 5 of them doing one thing separately with little to no restraints I might as well be slapping the Solo-Sticker on him and asking for campaigns by myself lol...

right? however. you have large puppets capable to being made. that means some good many giants, animals, and more become avaible as dancing little toys.
hell, a large Red Dragon would be enough in my catagory.

a Jouvinille in specific. hell 3-5/day on the cone of fire, and i dont care about to 150ft of flight.

and yet, somehow, my brain goes back to thinking about a sock puppet....ah, the wonders of expensive materials.

I honestly forgot that Dragons come in multitudes of size not just 'big enough to smash two houses' grande size xD
But yes, a cone of fire going off that often does sound fun doesn't it =P
I intentionally made the puppets costly, but still affordable. Have to put a cap on its somehow and seeming to be money hungry was the best way I could think of.

hmm, yeah i suppose. 8d10 5 times per day, at thecost of having to be around tenth level to even make it...small sacrifice.

besides, ten levels would be all i need.

1. What would the spells known and spells slots per level tables look like, as you have none.

2. Would they have their own spell list, or do they draw from the Wizard/Sorcerer or Bard list?

3. Under abilities, the first line still says bard.

1) Their spell known and slots per table is exactly the same as the Bards. I would have put it up as well, but seeing as the table already exists elsewhere and Bards are something familiar it didn't seem necessary.

2) They have their own spell list that is a Mix of the Bard and Sorcerer to compensate for that arcane 'trickster' feeling. I will post it momentarily for critiquing.

3) Hah, thanks for catching that. xD It has been changed.

The first Final Fantasy MMO had a class called Puppet Master. I don't remember the precise details of the class, but I think the automatons (puppets) were used as enhancers for the class's own feats. They attacked when commanded, as it wouldn't be an MMO without some variety of HULKSMASHGRR... but I think they also gave improvements to actions of their master.

Honestly, I can't help but feel like this is a tongue-in-cheek class to begin with. It's bad enough that we all ignore the bard who plays his lute while the others fight for their lives. But now we must watch the marionette as well? Don't get me wrong, it is a unique idea, but I'd like to know what your intentions are with it within the confines of a game.

Would this class be taken in a standard campaign? A game with a pulp feel? A horror campaign? I could see this class being used as a type of trickster rogue/bard, but could it be better done by just being a bard or wizard? (I don't know, as I don't tend to optimize-build.) Does this class fall under the ideas that failed with the Beget Bogun tree with the Druid, where the effort doesn't outweigh the outcome?

I'm being devil's advocate so as to make your understanding of your class more complex, not to be hurtful.


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