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Character Class: Puppet Master

Where I'm going with the hard Concentration check is that perhaps upon 'failing' he only controls as many puppets as his check resolves. Say he rolled 15 and gained +25 from an optimized concentration (just throwing out numbers mind you), he would suffer the -25 rendering his check a measly 15 in the end. However, now that I'm typing it out it seems asinine as each new puppet in the control adds +5 to the check...

I'll have to think more about it.

The puppets are a uniform attack and movement unless otherwise decided during the puppeteer's turn. When a puppeteer decides to use his puppet he officially sacrifices his turn to make the puppet's take theirs. This means, if the puppet master moves during his turn he can't do anything but tell the puppets to attack during their turn. Vice versa for attacking and moving.

That's another thing, why are the puppets moving on -1 initiative? I would think it would be more simple just to have them move on the character's initiative by having him use a full-round action to command his puppets.

Treat them like animal companion/familiar initiative basically? Essentially, I wanted to keep them dependent on the puppeteer, but if it seems ridiculous for them to act at a -1 initiative I'll eliminate that ruling and have them act like companions with the full-round concentration action sentiment for them to be used.

Yeah I mean, it isn't that huge of a change, I just don't see the logic behind a -1 initiative is all.

The way I was imagining it was as a sort of, excuse my terminology, button lag between puppeteer and its controlled. He issues the command but it would take a moment to register with the puppet.

As per the Gameing Discussion Guide - linked with its own button - Homebrew material should be posted in the Wiki, where it can be better displayed and revision can be tracked more easily.

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Thank you, Whisper. I didn't know how to find the Wiki or add to it thus I plopped it here. My apologies.

To check on all changes that I might have missed noting in the first post please check the relevant Wiki or my Signature. Any other suggestions?

Grey: Though I liked the idea of further throwing candy at the puppets for winning potential, I felt they already had too much and had to vie out of giving them the necromantic feel of animal bits for different boosts. Perhaps, after a few test runs and I find them otherwise lacking in their ability to do as much damage as say an under-optimized Fighter I'll give it more consideration.

i notice on the become one featire, the gems only cost 1k

The way I see puppets, they shouldn't just be mounds of flesh that look like people and wail on your opponents. Each puppet should be unique and have its own function. Like, a full level 20 puppet master might have two "wall" puppets to defend their master, two "blaster" puppets to cause havoc, and one "assassin" puppet to harass spellcasters.

Essentially, what I'm talking about is creating a puppet system where you can creat puppets that serve completely different roles, and each one has a limited, but varied set of options. Maybe puppets can only use 3 different abilities, but one can cast Fireball, Cloudkill, and Ice Storm... while another can only use Iron Wall, Blade Barrier, and Stoneskin. But the abilities can't just be spells, they'd basically be EX versions of equivalent spells, created through physical mechanics built into the puppets.

I don't know, I'm sure that it would take a lot of playtesting and going over the wording with a fine-toothed comb to keep it from being overpowered, but the amount of variable options for this sort of class is immense if done right.

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