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Character Class: Puppet Master

23 + Con + items/buffs. At level 20, you're probably looking at 23 ranks, 20 CON (+5), Masterwork Tools (+2), and any number of buffs or boosting items. There's the Third Eye of concentration (+10), though off the top of my head I can't think of any other items.

I'm not somebody who does high-end optimization very well, but it's not abnormal for players to massively pump key skills, so I try not to underestimate them :P

In the end, your level 20 player who's ranking Concentration every level is probably going to have at least a +28 modifier, which means an average of 38 CP on the low end.

not to mention skill focus feats, or other bonus giving feats, and traits.

i know i always try and optimize my character to any extent i can, always finding the way i want to build it, to be absolutely perfect, in my mind.

with that said, i keep my mind open to all potentials. and even if i have a twenty level spread ready, as I go,bi might change things as i advance in the group, perhaps id slightly change rolls.

i highly agree with greyfeld on the spell/scroll thing for a major reason: DIVINE SPELLS.
lets face it, cure moderate wounds as a SLA even once per day is awesome. plus physical buffs, and what not.

I thought about the idea of allowing them to use any spell scroll, regardless of type, but it seemed to me that recreating divine magic and recreating arcane magic are two completely different things. Not to mention, the Artificer already breaks the game lol.

Lol yeah, and from what I can tell Artificers aren't too loved xD
Right up there with some DMs and their hatred of Psions

eh, my hatred is more along the lines of Paladins.

What did the paladins and their magical ponies do to you? D;

well, one killed me...i happened to be ce at the time, but he should of guessed that by the time we were traveling with my undead minions.

other then that, theyre all stuck up.

have you ever read OOTS?

i like to think of paladins on that basis, to become a level 1 paladin, you have to have a stick shoved up your ***

Hah, Oots is a tumble-weed of stereotypes that are all too amusing. Ah... Miko..

ever see a CN Minotaur Paladin of Freedom?

Continuing to Edit this Class as one might expect. Recently added Spell Mechanics somewhat similar to Artificer, don't quake in your boots yet, it's not bad. It merely states the spells are neither Arcane or Divine and it grants them the same 'add spell list' ability. Currently, working on giving them Scribe Scroll to go well with their Puppet's abilities to turn Scrolls into Spell like abilities, but after some browsing on the interweb I was curious as to the thoughts of also adding:

(Available at Level 2) Force of Will:

A Puppet Master can use Force of Will to pay the material components for the spells from the puppet master spell list with costly components. A Puppet Master may choose to take 1 hit point of drain per 25gp of the spell's material component cost. At 7th level, the Puppet Master can pay for experience costs with their will as well, taking 1 hit point of drain per 5xp of the spell's experience cost.

At 14th level, a Puppet Master can use their life force to mitigate the spell level cost of Metamagic feats when casting spells from the puppet master spell list. Doing so is extremely taxing, however, and a Puppet Master that chooses to mitigate Metamagic this way takes 1 point of Constitution burn for level adjusted this way. This damage can only be cured through 8 hours of restful sleep, or the equivolant for races that do not sleep. Creatures without Constitution scores (such as Undead or Constructs) can use this ability, as they cannot pay the Constitution cost. A Puppet Master cannot use this ability to increase a spell's level above the highest level a Puppet Master can cast before mitigating the level adjustment, nor can they use this ability to reduce a spell's level below it's starting level.

This is something I came across mind you and thought it would be quite a good addition to the class as well as there is already Health Penalty and Health Reliant abilities already. Source - X

As stated in this thread, changing spells to be health reliant becomes incredibly taxing at later levels, but that is something I would want to keep. The Class should only have the option to use Spells more as an option more than a dependency, something they can do in a pinch as the whole 'cast by their sheer will' should imply, considering they rely so heavily on their Puppets to begin with. However, this little addition would give them more flavor in terms of how they deal with their Puppets also in the Long run. Granting their Puppet the ability to potentially heal themselves through a Spell like ability Maximized while their controller also makes Craft checks to do so manually would be helpful between battles and downtime. I'm imagining the Puppets to get battered quite often as, unlike weapons, don't need to be sundered to be at risk of breaking merely targeted.

Coincidentally, now that I think about it. Would granting the Puppet Master Class the ability to upgrade their Puppets with sufficient coin and downtime seem unorthodox? Say, the first level Puppet they had is still only a CR 1 Wolf, would making an appropriate craft check to make it a Dire Wolf (Large CR 3) and potentially enhance it with the ability to cast magic (Caster Wheel Option) keep the 'growing weapon' vibe going within the class or no?


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