Isinia Region Recast

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Isinia Region Recast

Isinia Region - Forum
Pokemon Tabletop Adventures
Ad Closes: Mar 22 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Okay, so here's the deal. I have two players that haven't posted in my game, not even the Announcement Thread, for quite some time. I understand one of them, because they are simply no longer able to get on the Weave. It's the other that puzzles me, because that one has been off and on the Weave several times.

So, what I'm looking for is simple: The two characters to be replaced are a Coordinator and a Researcher/Psychic. I'm mainly looking for balance, but if you don't want to run a Coordinator, that's perfectly fine.

So, what I'm looking for is good writing, a well balanced mature group, and a good experience.

I have the following restrictions on the application formats:
1) Please don't use code tags in your applications. I'll be on the Weave more often from my smartphone than my laptop, and I can't scroll through the code tags on it.
2) Keep the formatting neat. It makes it easier on me if I can see what I'm looking for at a glance.
3) Keep your comments on each other's applications in the General OOC thread. Please don't post in someone else's application thread. It is rude and unnecessary.

So, a couple of the things in the applications themselves:
1) Give me good backgrounds and fleshed out descriptions and personalities.
2) Give me a short list of pokemon you want to catch.
3) Give me a general idea of how you intend to advance your character. Do you intend Ace Trainer/Steel Ace/Attack Ace? Then tell me so.
4) Please only submit one application. It seems to me to be an unfair advantage, trying to increase your odds by making multiple applications. I prefer one, well thought character app.
5) Please pay close attention to the information in this thread.

Now, to the character creation information:
Create characters at level 4. You are both from Stone City, and are teenagers, 14-18 years old. Ability scores are bought with 64 points, no higher than 14 at level 0, as normal. No Advanced classes at the start of the game. No exceptions. You start with one level 10 pokemon and one level 5 pokemon. No legendary pokemon, only dragons allowed at beginning will be Gible, Axew and Trapinch. Only Ghost pokemon allowed at start will be Gastly and Litwick. Only Dark type allowed at start will be Purrloin. I will allow one egg move to be known by your starter. No Single-stage evolutions. When you take your Basic Classes, ignore the stat reduction listed. It's stupid to me to get stupider, or weaker, or whatever, when you learn a new way to manage pokemon.

Inventory (all given by Professor Yew): Pokegear (complete with Isinia Region map, Pokedex, Backpack, 5 Pokeballs, Basic Survival Gear, 3 Potions, 2 each Antidote, Paralyze Heal, Awakening. 3000 pokeyen. Any item given/required by your class, like the Pokeball Repair Toolbox for the Capture Specialist, is a freebie.

So, some of you might wonder what is still confirmed in the game. Here they are:

So, to make sure everyone is aware: Part of the basic plot has been revealed. Some mysterious organization has taken to making some of the wild pokemon into Shadow pokemon. Shadow pokemon, for those who aren't aware, are stronger than non-Shadow, more aggressive and hard to control. Each of the above trainers, plus one of the two that have stopped posting, have managed to capture one Shadow pokemon each: Vulpix, Gothita, Electrike, Glameow and Stunky. There have been others spotted as well. A grunt from the mysterious organization has already attempted to use his Shadow Onix to steal all the Shadow pokemon from the trainers, but was defeated easily enough by the Ranger and the Capture Specialist, who both were in possession of Water pokemon.
The commanding officer of the Ranger Station in Westport interviewed the two involved in the battle, and the next morning issued Snagger Gloves (Snag machines, but designed to only snag Shadow pokemon) to all six of the trainers that were involved. With that, the group is debating on either going west to Stone City or Moontown, or north to Halloweentown.

Game Description:

Welcome to the Isinia Region, where more pokemon have been discovered. Today, five lucky teenagers will be gifted with one of these new pokemon. Along with the pokemon they grew up with, they will take their new pokemon on a journey through the region. Where will they end up? Will they defeat the Elite Four to become Champion? Will they become champion Coordinators? Only time will tell.

Playing: Ghoul in Justice League Unlimited, Corbin Berislav in Along the Rim
GMing: Journeys in Dakron (slowed)
Please do. I have a few openings, and I might open a third, depending on the quality of the applications.

Not that I'm trying to argue, but I just would be interested in knowing why you don't want us taking advanced classes, since some of the current players already have and I personally think that they're good for adding flavor to a character.

Mainly because I want those classes to be earned in game, like the current players did. Don't worry too much, I'm amenable to making the acquisition of most of the Advanced Classes a simple matter of RP. The Grass Ace was easy enough, I just had to throw enough Grass types at her until she caught enough to qualify. I even provided the Ranger a quick Alliance with the Legendary Victini, although a lot of that was because such an Alliance is necessary to the plot.

Sorry for double-posting, but one other question, do you want us to roll for nature or just pick it out?

For your starter and secondary pokemon? Feel free to pick it out yourself.

I have been interested in the pokemon rpg for a while but never had the chance to get into a game, mostly because they all seem to open up while I am full up on games. Would you be willing to take some one on who is a complete newb to the system but not to rpgs or PbP?

As long as you are willing to learn, I have no problem. The system is fairly simple to learn, and the battle mechanics are easy to pick up.


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