Mass Effect: The Shattered Mirror

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Mass Effect: The Shattered Mirror

Mass Effect: The Shattered Mirror - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 3


World of Darkness variant as described on the forums
Biotic Powers
Tech Powers
XP Usage


The Mass Effect Universe.

There is one major difference between this game and the video games however. In this game we're going to figure out what would've happened if Commander Shepard never existed. Part of the charm, I feel, of Mass Effect was that your decisions shaped the galaxy, I couldn't place Commander Shepard into the game without already making choices that frankly are for the players, not me, to decide. In this case you truly have any option as to what to do, not just what the game lays out in front of you. In addition there are other variants to the time line, but you'll have to find out what those may be

Unfortunately I've had several people either drop or go on semi-permanent hiatus and need some new blood to keep the game going. Hopefully you'll be one of the folks that will help shape the galaxy with us

Mass Effect
Accessing File

In the year 2148 explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient space-faring civilization. in the decades that followed, these mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. the basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time

They called it the greatest discovery in human history

The civilizations of the galaxy call it

The Galaxy right now is at peace with an economic boom occurring. But, there are forces that seek to change both the fate of humanity, and the galaxy as a whole

The game will begin before the events of the original game, though there may be overlap, I'll try to keep things fresh for you guys, and keep the spirit of the game alive. Unfortunately I've had several people either drop or go on semi-permanent hiatus and need some new blood.

Below is how I'd like the application to look like. You may post them here if you like or request a private thread be made for you on the forum

Most information can be found on the forum and if not...well let me know what you'd like to know. I will.

I'm a very easy to get along with DM with a passion for the setting, let me know what you like to see in games etc.. That being said this game is NOT first come first serve, I'll be looking for quality applications. Newcomers to the WoD setting are welcome, hands will be held, questions will be answers etc... A thread can be found here

Also, I've yet to play ME3 so keep those spoilers to a minimum please... At least until my gaming computer comes back from the shop

Disclaimer: Mass Effect and its characters are owned by Bioware. I'm just a humble whore for their products

Player Apps:

Lanlaorn: Lucas Kant
serenflipity: Moira Hunter
EvilWalks: Erika Liu
KatrinaMoonDancer: Diana Walker
Vox Clamantis: Nakmor Kol
Madadh: Victor Kell

Just finished Chapter 3: The Other Foot of my podcast Audiobook. Give it a listen!
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Mick, I was wondering if I could apply with the first character I posted, back on your first recruitment, maybe do some tweaks to her.

Wow this sounds awesome, I'll read through your rules and put something together. I'm a big Mass Effect fan but I've been holding off on playing Mass Effect 3 until I finish some important projects, and this seems like an excellent source for my fix! ;-)

Great. The only thing is I don't find her on the forum, and I recently lost all my files in my computer, so If it is still there, could please show her to me, if not, then I will work from the start.

I'm in the same boat as Ozy. I'm a huge ME fan, played I&II to 100% completion several times. Unfortunately, I've never played III but that just makes me want to get in on this game all the more!

To the above posters: As I've said I'm willing to hold hands with the WoD system.

In the short term here's a free primer on WoD rules

Decided it was better to use a classless system that way we can reflect more variation as opposed to the pigeon holed class system

I've got the WoD corebook, but I've stuck mostly with DnD 3.5 in RL. There will probably be some handholding necessary for the practical application, but I've got a fair grasp on the fundamental. Which, as you say above, is secondary to being in love with the setting. I have so many Mass Effect OCs running about in my head that picking one is like choosing a favorite child

Judging by the character sheet, when you say WoD you mean nWoD, right?

I've played both system but just to make things clear for people looking it up, heh.

Edit: Oh and I can't seem to find equipment or custom merits for your setting, help?

Edit #2: Ah found them, in the Codex section of your forum, makes sense.

Edit #3: Hmm I don't suppose you'd be willing to stat out the M-98 Widow? I'm thinking a Biotic-Sniper at the moment.


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