The Cold Mists of Coramar - seafaring adventure

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The Cold Mists of Coramar - seafaring adventure

The Cold Mists of Coramar - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Apr 18 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Ad closing date is just a formality; I might extend it or shorten it depending on what happens.

This will be a seafaring adventure. You will spend most of your time aboard the ship the Seastrider, with periodic stops at island port towns and other island sites. There is a possibility of having an underwater adventure or two, so keep that in mind.

This game will have a heavy emphasis on roleplaying, building relationships, etc. There definitely will be combat, traps, and all that fun stuff, but it won't be a constantly occurring thing. Build your characters as you see fit, but just keep in mind I want players who enjoy writing and speaking/interacting with each other and the ship's NPC crew as well as fighting stuff.

I will strongly favor characters crafted to include the homebrew setting into their background/backstory, more than generic characters.

The ship will be setting sail from Ninuroth, the capital city of Halvar. You may include a reason why your character is in Ninuroth, but it's not totally necessary.

The rules for character creation can be found here, and the setting information is located here. I will be adding information to the setting information as we visit more locations and such.

Post a new thread for your character here, and make your rolls in your character thread as well. For your applications, I want your name, race, class, description/personality, and background. Emphasis on the background. A progression for your character would be nice if you have something particular in mind.

I'll be drawing heavily from the Stormwrack book. Like I mention in the character creation rules thread, any 3.5 sourcebook is fine, but keep in mind if you use material from, say, Frostburn, Cityscape, or Sandstorm, for example, not to pick too many terrain-dependent abilities.

I would like a balanced party, capable of fighting, casting arcane and divine spells, and performing roguish tasks like opening locks, disarming traps, and such. Also, I forgot to mention, No Evil. Chaotic Neutral is allowed as long as you play it intelligently and not as an excuse to do whatever the **** you please.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Game Description:

** D&D 3.5 Seafaring Adventure **

Stefan, Crown Prince of the kingdom of Halvar, has gone missing on an expeditionary voyage into the uncharted eastern seas of Coramar, and his father, King Ulric, has offered a generous reward to any intrepid souls willing to undertake the dangerous voyage to discover the fate of his son. The reward: any one thing each adventurer desires that is within the monarchy's power to grant.

Details are scant. All that you know for sure is that you will be accompanying three other adventurers on the Seastrider, one of the best warships in the royal navy. You know next to nothing about the ship's crew, except that the King trusts them all implicitly with the dangerous task of accompanying you into uncharted waters.

The crew may seem amiable and loyal, but who knows what their real intentions are, what lurks beneath their smiles and promises. Everyone has a part to play, but for good, or for ill...who's to say?

Join the crew of the Seastrider on an epic voyage filled with intrigue, heroism, danger, and mystery as you search for Prince Stefan, discover the purpose of his original expedition, and sail into the Cold Mists of Coramar.

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Posting interest! This sounds like it will be a fun game.

I'm definitely interested, but need some time to come up with a distinct concept from my application to your other game. Thanks for the note over there pointing here!

Cool. Don't feel restricted in your choices just because you see someone else already posted a character type you were interested's not first come first serve, I'll be picking the ones I think are the best fits, so...have at it.

Ooh~ Would you be against Homebrew Classes :3?

Serious interest! I have wanted to do Stormwrack since I read the book! I will make a character in the next couple of days. I will try to impress!


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