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"Tired of being a servant to the whims of the Gods? Tired of submitting to the will of others? Do not fall prey to the false preachings of those who would call themselves 'Gods', much less those who claim to bear the words of these false deities.
The Order of the Turning Sun can offer you power unchecked, without the interference of selfish overlords. Wield might as that of the highest soldier of any God, and kneel before no-one.
Join our cause, fight for your freedom!
If you consider yourselves worthy of body and clear of spirit, journey to Hlaungadath, and free your soul."

Not too sure if it is allowed for us to post over here but ... well here is my first pos to say hello. outa character since I dunno if my character is in or not ^^

well, you ARE the first non-me person to post in this forum, so thats a nice little "gold star" on your app

yay ^^. well in that case I will start on some background. Wacha think is more necessary the druid or the fighter?

Edit: I mean mellee oriented Pally/ perhaps knight ^^

i have no idea what you're asking

be whatever you're comfortable with, its all up to you...if you wanna be a druid, go for it.
if you wanna be a fighter, go for it

heck, i could probably think of some crazy things for an all-fighter group, so dont worry too much about what other people are applying for

o'righto ...just dunno if I wanna play the wife or the fighter

ah, tough choice...but be honest here, who's more likely to answer the sort of add that The Order sent out?

unless the husband is some sort of wuss, and the wife is incredibly butch...


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