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That's just the point, Leova, Garak is actively trying to get Joachim to break his vows to his paladin status and his wife...though hasn't had much of an opportunity to do that lately....

Meinos, if Joachim doesn't sense Garak as the sole source of all the evil in the world, then his sensor is quite broken.

Pally vows? Well if he sees that Garak is evil he is bound to "correct" that ... he might try to do it the hard way though...

Meh, a little blood never hurt nobody!

darn it ... can't I attack with my concentraition instead ;P

Oh snap!

Two Crit's from the Hell Hound in a row, once on the AOO and once on the regular attack...and Raz is down for the count!

Could this be the end of the drunken wrastler?

I think you are hiding the rolls from us Leo because you have a personal vendetta against Raz... You should be nicer to him - if you are, he might introduce you to a lady with a certain moral casualness you might find enjoyable.


and Lorem is right, somebody should help Raz out, or at the least toss him a potion or two...

Yup...and Joachim is a healer, which is part of the reason for fighting the guys that are on Joachim. That and the fact that Garak wants to keep Joachim alive so he can kill him later. ha ha ha

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