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OH AND PLEASE STOP PRIVATING ALL CONTEXT OF YOUR POST, just some inside what the rest of the world can see would be nice, I am feeling excluded from not seeing anything I could fiddle Joachim that has been beaten in to.
Sorry, but right now it really can't be helped...I'll try to avoid it in the future

sorry about the ooc comment in the game thread. i have had a long day and wasn't thinking.

Garak is still in the same place where he was in the private posts.

interesting fact:

our OOC thread has 4x as many Views as Replies

our Game thread has 10x as many Views as Replies

that's a great sign! it means our Game is active and awesome, and our Game thread viewed more often than our OOC thread

allso good signs ...

What concerns sizes:
well Joachims is big, DMs is bigger mine is the biggest

other thingies:
will be off up to friday, cut of net ... and ... well ... taking some time to play the table top version :P

Oops sorry - did that last one in private tags - have edited and removed them now.

:s dropout?

where are thoise back up players

finaly this hiding is over ... my next post shall be completly privated :P or not

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